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The Subway Series

    This comes from the Book of Norman… “The Subway Series” ---Jody-Lynn Reicher        I was always involved in sports. I still am, and also not just because of my job. Yet, at times it has been my way to wind down at the end of the day, week or from my own physical endeavors.   One thing I have done was watch Monday Night Football, Boxing matches, Wrestling matches and the like.   Anything with a set of skills, showing great strategy, strength and decisiveness, in real time.    However, my husband Norman, never really liked this.   Even though he played football in high school.   He would say to me, “I just can’t understand why anyone watches sports, let alone on television. I see it as a waste of time.”     So, at that point in our marriage, it was understood, he would let me yell at the television set during games and matches.   Then I would never talk to him about such things.   Besides, he couldn’t relate to them, anyway.   But when we got together with his old fraterni

Thieves and Liars

Thieves and Liars A lesson my oldest had learned and re-learned recently was that people even the most self-proclaimed religious people can lack faith in anything and everything. That no non-religion or religion is a declaration of one’s goodness. As well, most people omit or cover-up what they consider their ill-deeds from others. And most people lie. Something I could not fathom most people doing till I was about thirty-eight years old. She now knew at eighteen. It’s not that I didn’t know that. It was the percentage of people that did something I thought was probably one of the worst sins in the world, and that is lie. Mind you, I may not ever become a politician. As well, that most people will believe their lies and perfection is everyone else’s too. It is because they convince themselves that others have it easier, than them. Yet, the reason they are seeing it this way is because they are mentally lazy. They don’t deserve what you have. What you’ve worked for. Because if they


  Joy I've written pieces on having joy for others on my blog in the past.  Suffice it to say, feeling joy for someone else never gets old. There is enough of it to go around. Yet, at times it appears no one feels quite akin to going to that depth for others outside of their family, nor close friends.  And it seems many times, we are in witness of quite the converse direction of humans towards one another. No wonder why, there is so much illness in even the most well-to-do towns in our country.   Illnesses that effect the brain, the heart, the blood pressure and so forth. It is not joy in our souls for one another that causes such distress in our societies. It is pure and simple the hatred, jealousies, vindictiveness which causes worries, and all other forms of disharmony within the human vessel that it is thrown from and tossed at. Joel S. Goldsmith in his 1964 book, “A Parenthesis in Eternity”, speaks of this in the book’s introduction. Taken partially from his Christian Scie

The Robin Reminds Us...

  The Robin reminds us... In January of 2020, as I ran during seemingly mostly cloudy, damp winter days, birds seemed to chirp endlessly.  I'd never recalled hearing such levels of a variety if birds calling out in any state, especially the one I reside in, during the month of January. Let alone the winter months.  Back then, I took it as a sign. I didn't know why. I just did. It  did remind me of a friend I have.  She is practically old enough to have been my mature mother. She's in her 90s now. She, now retired from law enforcement.   It's been years since she worked  all sorts of assault cases. Brutal, bloody assault cases.  I know because the ones that haunted her, few she could not solve she told me about one evening two years ago. And they were probably the most heinous cases one could know. That evening as I sat on a heavy bag in my basement that night, she began. I listened to her tell me of the unsolved cases for ninety minutes. Her and I have had many co

The Sin, Eluding One's Soul ...

  The Sin, Eluding One's Soul... When you die you don't have pockets. Whatever happens here and now, is current. There is no bringing it to the next life level, wherever that may be. So, when people are NOT forgiving. Or when people want more than the millions and/or the power they suggestively wield, it is in essence an illusion to their ego. And a deceit to their soul. An illusion to one's ego can not only be damaging to society, it can also be deadly to society. A deceit to one's soul is usually beyond repair. Especially, if its packaged in such a way that there is no recognition to it by it's owner. There are books about Karma. There are books ancient books that tell of stories, such a the most known of Job in the Old Testament used by a variety of religions. Similar examples to that, could be found in the Bahgahva Gita, the Hindu book. I know, I own it, have read and studied most of it. Arjuna questions what evil befalls humans. Apparently like Job questi

A Pin Prick

  A Pin Prick Sometimes an experience in life is perceived as a pin prick, and sometimes a two by four. We may not always know the difference. But there is. However, I have enough experience to know the difference between the trauma of a pin prick versus the trauma of a two by four. As well, the repercussions of when someone cannot differentiate the difference. And usually, it is because of either by parental misguidance and or that own person’s ego.   As my newly adopted baby lay on a blanketed small, old, wooden table. Four people in white coats gathered around. I was at my baby’s feet and legs holding them down.   A female, white coated doctor took what looked to be a small, plastic and metal elementary age school chair, and pulled it up to the where my baby’s head rested on a folded receiving blanket. I made requests in Chinese to the doctor. My husband stood twenty feet away, looking on.   Soon the female doctor placed the needle carefully into my baby’s head. She’d foun

Still Those Wonderful...

  Still Those Wonderful… When you meet your soulmate, you share thoughts of a euphoric future. Now, you may not be in total agreement as to where your and their future are to be. However, if you truly are in love, it’ll all work out. That is just how life goes in love.   Norman and my first dream was: “…we’re going to work, live, and raise our children up north. They’ll be great skiers and hikers.” Vermont was preferred, New Hampshire our second choice.   We both enjoyed the wilderness. Although me more than him. Norm was more of the social otter type. Me, the lone wolf that could join a pack. Yet, likes to hunt alone most the time.   I like the ground, the dirt. Norm, he liked shaking hands with the blue fish and the tuna. He loved ‘exploring’ on many levels and was fascinated by forests.   We had nicknames for each other. His fraternity brothers and college friends would ask, “How did the Hippie marry the Marine?” Some nicknames, many times were created after the first decade o

Because, We Know What's Right...

  We should bring the voting age down to sixteen. The reason why the voting age should be sixteen, is that those adolescents are just two years away from being considered an adult.   And that change, profoundly affects their future.   As well at seventeen, a person can join the military service with their parent’s permission, perhaps being put into ‘harm’s way’. At age sixteen kids can drop out of school. Why is that legal? It shouldn’t be. If you can’t vote at age sixteen because you’re too young.   Then, why should you be allowed to quit school? Or to take on the burdens of an adult, and work longer hours? Where, you’ll eventually most likely be paying more taxes over time to the government. As well, you will be forced to drive a vehicle further earlier in your life, raising your car insurance rates? It is all fool-hardy to not allow a sixteen-year-old to understand and know their rights, by exempting them from further education. As well, as not allowing the sixteen-year-old to h

Not a Fan of Mother's Day

It’s funny. I am not a fan of Mother’s Day. It doesn’t mean that much to me.   Actually, few days of celebration of any sort do.   To me, they are days I celebrate mostly for others. Which most of the time brings me joy to do so.   I’d rather do a drive-by, dropping something off without anyone seeing me. Normally, I’ve sent out cards. When I do, there is an emotional attachment. I spend the most on Mother’s Day cards, perhaps in the year. When I had an office, I would have flowers and or candies out for clients. As well, anyone entering my office the week of.   Even the mailman.   Because you just never know. Perhaps even the mailman, needs a little cheer that week.   Nowadays, over the past few years in doing only house calls. I bring flowers or some gift to clients for certain days of celebration. It is to lighten their day.   A distraction perhaps from their maladies. My intention however, is to show them that I care deeply. This brings me to my not being a fan of

Till Death Do Us Part... And Then Some

Till Death Do Us Part Probably one of the most difficult things to be, is married. Actually, staying married. Of course, there are other things in life that some experience. Then there are things in life that one in five experience. Then there are things in life that one in thirty experience. Then there are things in life that one in a hundred thousand experience. Then there are things in life that only three people in eight million (approximately) people experience as well. I’ll stop there for now. I know I could go on listing stats of different situations others have or have not experienced, in some fashion. My point being, is that a high percentage of us adults in America have either been married, or have gone to a wedding, or our parents were or are currently married. Marriage is something that most of us somehow can relate to as adults. That being said. The old-fashioned wedding vows of ‘till death do us part’, it appears that no one seems to always truly understan

"Teacher of the Century"

Teacher of the Century      My second writing wave were ages eleven to thirteen. It was at a time in my life that I so wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, “STOOOPPPPPPP!” It was aimed at the cruelty of the world. Or rather I should say the dismissiveness of the lesser, the poor, the helpless. Yes, that was and is me. I’m still that same being. So the other night as I prayed for people, for my family, for self, for our household. These thoughts arose over and over again, in between my prayers and meditations. At those ages I referred to, I was in my middle school years. I kept diaries those years somewhat regularly.      One of those years, I was tremendously blessed with this language arts teacher, Ms. Beltrami. She was frail, and kind. She appeared sickly. But inside all of that, I saw reserve and gentleness in her.   I only wanted her to be happy.   I saw inside her soul. Sometimes, people let me do that.   And other times I’m gifted that view from another source. Ev

In The Beginning...

Today would have been, Our 37th Wedding anniversary... In the Beginning... We met at about 11:30pm Tuesday August 11th 1981 in the United Parcel Service (UPS) Yard, Saddle Brook, NJ at the unloading docks.  I took care of the outside docks on the midnight shift.  I made sure the trailers were lifted just enough so the packages to get unloaded.  My husband told me three years later that the trailers weren't the only things that were rising because of me. My response, “Yeah, right.” I had twenty docks to handle on the midnight shift.  I worked this job at UPS during my off-duty time. I saw this guy in charge of four of the unloading docks, he was a manager.  I really wasn't looking for a guy or any relationship.  I already had my mind set what I was to do with my life.  Yet, I thought...'He seems handsome.  He's clean shaven.  He looks intelligent, looks hard-working, and he dresses well for the job. Looks like a guy with a real brain. Yep, that's a turn on. Ahh

Listen to the 'Experts'

  "Always listen to the experts. They'll tell you what can't be done and why. Then go ahead and do it". --- Don Ward. And so it goes...: In 1969 my Mom was told by my first grade teacher, Ms. Davis, "Your daughter will not make it out I'd first grade.". I had failed the first of two marking periods in Math and Spelling. At the end of the year I had straight A's. I was told in May of 1974 I did not have the ability to run fast and that I should not wear sneakers. In October of 1976  I received Honorable Mention All County, Varsity Letter as a Freshman on our Cross-Country Team. This after just beginning to run long distance July 1st 1976.  I was told that men in the Marines would never accept me. Nearly three years after being a Marine, my Captain at 2:30 am called to me, after I put in a sixteen hour shift. He asked me to step outside. I thought, Uh Oh.  Captain Smith said, "At Ease, Corporal. I wanted to tell you something. I never believed wo

May Day! May Day!

  I don’t know how many of you awaited the month of May this year. But I know I did, and with grateful anticipation. There were many reasons. One was the ability to plant what I had stratified indoors and outdoors. Watching those items propagate and blossom into mini-trees. Planting seeds in my newly extended garden. As well as watching the perennial vegetables come back to life, once again.   The ability to shed my winter running attire, letting my body get some sun, as a slow tan would begin to build as it does before summer every year. One month closer to my oldest graduating high school. As I know, senior year can be a draining year for most children as they anticipate some freedom from the homes that they’ve know all their lives.   Another reason I’ve looked forward to the month of May is the warmth of the sun, and warm rain that gives us respite from winter’s end doldrums that may begin to occur by February 28 th .   At least in my mind and soul it does. I so love to see