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The Recap

  The Recap I wondered why I felt so physically pained over the past week. As I had pains in my body coming from all directions. Areas I’d had surgery in. Mostly areas of damage from past bouts of tendonitis from thirty-five or more years ago. Too, I just had conquered the erratic behaviors of various stomach issues I’d had since a year after my husband had passed. I was exhausted thirteen months after his death, I knew I was anemic. Part of it I knew were from my eating habits. I’d hoarded certain processed foods (unlike me) and reduced my greens that I’d ingested for near fifteen years. Once I realized how I’d chosen the wrong path for my digestive system, I rectified it. But no sooner than I had, I came down with an episode of shingles. I’d been there before, too.   I kept telling myself then in October 2021, ”All these errors and illness are psychological.” I had to regroup and stop eating comfort food. It was a difficult task. I knew to discipline myself. If not for me, at lea

Its Just the Way ...

  It's Just the Way... "That's just the way it is... some things will never change..."  if you can recall the song, there's quite a bit of truth to those words. It's not a complaint,  it's a fact. I witness complaints about all sorts of things people may have control over.  Their complaints are quite often frivolous because they are unwilling to do the work to help themselves for the things they can change. However,  the things you cannot and will not change are politics.  No one person, no group can completely manage 300 million people, unless you take away their free-will. Which would be and is a sin against all humanity.  As I've gotten upset over the racism, the election deniers and so forth.  I realize what most others do not realize... There's just so much peace that can be acquiesced to all the people all the time in every facet of living.  There will always be something that will get under our skin. The difference is when you're someone

I Saw Two Angels

  It's not what you think. Today at just before noon as I was about pull into a park roadway from a busy road, that was just off where two highways intersected. I saw two young women standing on the busy road. One in the middle of the lane I was in. The other closer to the curb. And there behind the young woman in the middle lane was a doe strewn dead in the middle of the lane.  Yes, a female deer on the ground with blood to her left one foot away from her and blood from and around her mouth and nose areas. Too it looked like a recent incident with the deer. I saw no cars that showed the driver had remained. So here was this dead deer in the middle of the road guarded by two young women. The two young women later reminded me of a sacredness that few demonstrate. One thought I will note is said during Hannakuh. There is a night that holiness is reckoned with. It says on that night, "You be holy. Because I the Lord your God am holy." (Leviticus) And as Mother Theresa has sa

He Read My Mind

  I didn’t know what to expect when my coach Tom Fleming told me to go see someone named Marcus—it was at the end of 1990. But I was desperate to get my left hamstring to work properly again. As of then I’d had my longest mileage for a year ever—for the year already by the end of November. I didn’t feel good. Much was wrong with my health. Things I never spoke of till decades later—Or never. Back then, I worked for a defense contracting company in finance. My husband had just begun to go back to school full time that year, so we pinched pennies. Tom knew that. Marcus gave us runners on Tom’s team a discount for services. Tom had a name for Marcus. He’d eventually refer to Marcus as the Voodoo Man—as Marcus was aptly named. The experiences that I could afford to have with such a character as Marcus were tremendous. And well-worth the pain he inflicted when I wouldn’t let go. Follow me. It seems anything uncomfortable—we regard as pain or as a form of pain. However, if we could cha

We've Heard You

  "Norm!" I shouted a whisper. Looking up at our bathroom ceiling on December 25th 2020 at 1:30 in the morning. "You're kidding me." I continued the whisper as not to awaken our teenaged daughters. I'd just finished baking, wrapping gifts and filling their Christmas stockings. Norm was dead and I was wiped. I grabbed the bathroom garbage pail and put in under where our bathroom ceiling leaked, as the unrelenting rain poured for hours from Christmas Eve to now early Christmas morning. Exacerbated,  I sighed. I whispered again, "Norm! Its not funny. You just stop this now!" I closed the bathroom door and thought. 'You know God. You two up there just got to work together for me.'  I prayed quietly as I exited the bathroom, closing the door so the bathroom light wouldn't disrupt our youngest's sleep. I tip-toed down two sets of stairs and got to our laundry room where the big basket of rags sat. I grabbed another bucket, as I whisper