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I give you my thoughts...

The Courage to Have Faith I’ve told this story before to someone back in 2006… When I was age seven, the world became even more complex to me. I saw anger that was unrelenting. I saw the fear to be kind, uninhibited. I saw it internal within our family structure. As well, I saw it within the world itself. Then the fear was presented to me. I didn’t like it. I decided to change it. Yes, at age seven I decided no matter how scary something was, I would attempt to be fearless. I would become courageous. However, I wouldn’t do it alone. After I decided such, I prayed. I prayed at night that God would make me like King David. Yes, a little Catholic girl praying at night to become a courageous warrior. With the faith of steel that nothing could penetrate. I decided to become unrelenting to right wrongs. To make certain I could run into flames, even if it meant death. I told God, as I lay there in bed with my comfort pillowcase and stuffed animal. Looking up at my ceiling, I