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Can We Conquer the Last Mile?

Can We Conquer the Last Mile...? With all the new flus, viruses, fungus' and such, I will say, I think we can conquer AIDS/HIV. We seem to forget or want to forget that AIDS/HIV is still ongoing.  I remember when people were dying from an unknown virus. The stigma still hangs in the balance. I've known, and eventually treated children and adults with AIDS or who were HIV positive.  I actually have been more trained in AIDS/HIV more than oncology. I understood the pitfalls of cancer research and fundraising. It was disheartening. But AIDS/HIV research and fund raising had a clearer more progressive approach.  I also knew that I was unafraid of the virus. I knew to touch the infected. It was and is imperative for their survival, as well those around them and society.  In the 1990s as I walked down a city hospital hallway where pediatric AIDS outpatients existed. I was scolded for not wearing gloves by a nurse I'd never met before nor after. She witnessed me sitting with a
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The Night That the Lights Went Out in Cleveland…

The Night That the Lights Went Out in Cleveland… Some may remember the night that the lights went out in Cleveland—that and the entire Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada too. If not, I’ll remind you. It was late afternoon on Thursday, August 14 th , 2003. Well, for us in China it was August 15 th , 2003, a Friday morning—thirteen hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. It was before breakfast and our flight to the island where the U.S. Consulate was. The whole trip was a bit of a bumpy ride from beginning to end. Scrutinized here and there with a smattering of kindness and curiosity from others. It began with rifles held as we landed in communist China—proper. Coming down off the metal steps of the prop plane. I whispered, “Don’t pull out your cameras.” Disregarding my whisper—Don pulled out his camera— he was reprimanded in Chinese. I was surprised they didn’t confiscate his camera as I heard rifles shift. My mind set off alarm bells. Yet I remained mildly relaxed

Old Ignorance Dies Hard...

Old Ignorance Dies Hard... I wondered if the Russian people were awake. It’s not that I thought they were ignorant—it’s that I could not wrap my mind around people not rebelling against the indiscriminate acts and long-overdue overhaul that they needed in their governance. I figured—maybe they had it better than I’d thought. I write corrected, however. But now having seen authoritarianism in full-blown capacity—and in real time. Authoritarianism is the stifling of free-will in action and thought. Ergo, Russia’s Putin. Ergo, those that preach within these United States that we need to think and be only one way as individuals. The only reason why any government would like to control thoughts among its citizens—it’s about distrust. Any religion, like any governance that demands control of minds is an insecure one. That thinking is godless indeed. In speaking with a friend last night, I remarked. “Take no offense on what I’m about to say—but this whole DeSantis governance is against

It's Only the Store...

  It’s Only the Store… A little over a couple years ago, as I witnessed an illness overtaking my husband. I’d wondered what his thoughts were in those quiet moments when I wasn’t in the same room as he. Recently, I considered it was too overwhelming to put into a paragraph, or pages. It was constant lengthy thoughts. Self-talk. Perhaps prayer of some sort. Or meditation, allowing thoughts to flow in, out and about. Thoughts that many of us most likely don’t regularly address daily, much less monthly. Perhaps not even annually. Thoughts I have had most of my adult life. Some I’ve had all the life of mine I could remember—and daily.   My mother wondered who I was—she’d asked what was on my mind. So many times, she got it wrong. Even seeing my diary at ages eleven and twelve, she was perplexed. However, it was not her fault. With my husband, I went in the opposite direction. I didn’t ask. I just observed. For one it was personal. Two, dying is too intense to express all that fills

No You Wouldn't...

  No, You Wouldn’t About twenty-five years ago, I met this nurse. She’d heard about me from another nurse. As I’d gotten to know Kay (I’ll call her by a fictitious name. As to not violate HIPPA). I found her to be incredibly insightful. Over time, she referred quite a number of potential clients to me. As I worked on Kay–– we’d converse in my office––I felt that she would make a great medical doctor. I sort of wondered why she hadn’t taken that step. She like many nurses I’d met, I felt were exceptional in their intelligence and caring. Many nurses I met through my business, were most grounded. More grounded than I’d seen in many medical doctors. These nurses were also open-minded. Their view of the world was patient and expanded. I considered Kay however, to be at the top of the heap. Kay would question in detail––how I came up my scientific ideas and my conclusions. (Such as, how I once made my own orthotics; that actually worked for me.) And that type of thinking, I found wa

I Could Feel Jaded...

  I could feel jaded. I'm allowed to feel jaded. For those people who didn't have enough conscientiousness to report a crime. Or report a criminal... Before I lambaste you, allow me to explain what I did for others that you didn't have the courage to do...nor the global caring I've had, to do the right thing. And if you're considering condemning my honesty, and my being real. I'll use a movie line, "You can't handle the truth." Face it, you're a pussy, or a criminal of some sort yourself.  Here goes. When you didn't report that criminal or turned the other way to not be a witness to a crime. Then you're part of the problem. You have potentially allowed the criminal to commit more crimes. You've become an accomplice to every crime there after, that the criminal commits.  Imagine creating more victims in the world. Which effects relationships. It increases the need for more funds spent on health care. It creates less employment. It

How to Get a Free Brown Paper New Jersey

How to Get a Free Brown Paper New Jersey I know that sounds terrible. However, follow me for my literal and figurative 'sick humor'. The other day, my daughter said, "Mom I think I should take a Covid test." Alarm bells went off in my head for seven seconds. Then I realized, perhaps two people might be effected. And only one I'd worry about. One was me, and I wouldn't worry about me. The other a family friend had just helped us out, had close contact indoors with her.  Then I said to myself, 'This kid has such a heavy load... You know it wouldn't hurt for her to have to quarantine for a handful of days.' I giggled to myself as I moved things around in our garage, calling upstairs. "Yeah. I'll bring up a test kit."  Seconds later, I arrived in our kitchen with the kit. "You know the routine. Right?" She replied, "Yes Mom." She went on to read the package. As I went to recount how many tests would be lef