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Excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman"

    As I got off the phone, I could feel the positive energy of having made the phone call to Phil.  I realized, he truly understood what I felt I needed to do.  Although I was a bit petrified, because I knew his training would be tough.  However, I also knew it would be accurate for what I might need.     I felt that I now was cultivating the ultimate responsibilities a person could perform.  I had notified two local police departments. One I worked in and one I lived in.  Dr. Dan Schaefer had suggested I do so, to not only protect the community because we felt the man being released was someone who was a person who struck upon given an opportunity.  So in maybe becoming frustrated with not being able to get me soon enough, he may just go after a more unsuspecting new victim and then finish the job.     The phone call to Phil was the final piece that completed what I felt was necessary to protect our children, the community, and myself.  Although I felt that I was the main target

Excerpt from novel, "No Fury Like a Woman..."

    “You had me for a second.   I did not expect a verbal cue like that.” Vel starting to giggle surprised at what her own reaction was, hoping it was appropriate,     “That was actually perfect.   And that initial response was better than normal.” Joe replies.     “Really? I felt slow to respond.”   Vel remarks.     “Oh no. I saw your wheels going and the doubt of a safety in your mind upon my question, is actually a great response.” Joe reiterated.     “I wouldn’t thought that.” Vel comments.     “Most people would have given me the time.   Which would have taken more time for you to physically react to what I was going to do. Your mind however, was already suspicious.   Most people are not suspicious with that question.   They would assume it was a friendly question.” Joe replies.       Vel, now seeing that second of her suspicion actually prepared her to be ready to defend herself.

Excerpt from the Novel, "No Fury Like a Woman"

 “Why do you think Jackie can and most women including Vel can’t or rather have an aversion to it?” Alex inquires.     “I’ll tell you why.” Joe replies.    “Take it Joe.”  Jack adds.     “What I’ve noticed that about one of five women have been sexually assaulted at least once in their lives.  But then you have the other eighty percent of women who have not experienced it. It’s as if it were a disease. So, the thinking is, if I don’t acknowledge that I could ever be in any kind of danger; then the danger doesn’t exist for me.  And that it only happens to the unlucky ones who are somehow inviting it.” Joe responds.     “So, you’re saying that if it hasn’t occurred in their lives, then it doesn’t need to be addressed.  And the less we address it, the more it will just go away?” Alex queried scratching his head in wonderment.     “That’s a way of those women thinking, actually most women think.  It is planted in our culture, in our society. And those women thinking t

Excerpt from, "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness"

    One night as the sun was going down, Trooper McDonald entered the all female barracks where we were staying.       She walked in and as usual had her hands clasped behind her back and said, “Okay, anyone want to go for a run on base tonight with Trooper Larsen?”  The room went quiet.  Each girl looked at each other, well except for me.       I looked at Trooper McDonald, and said, “Yes Ma’am! Me, Ma’am!  I want to run with Trooper Larsen on base tonight.  Can I?”       She responded, “Yes.  Anybody else?”  Some girls gasped and others giggled.  Then Trooper McDonald, “Okay, come with me.”  I followed behind her, all jittery, excited.  I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.      Soon enough we were seeing Trooper Larsen, the sun was going down.  Trooper Larsen was a tall, perfectly built man, with dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes.  In other words, he was quite the specimen of a man.  Funny back then I had no interest in dissecting good-looking people.       If I was

Excerpt from, "The Pink Room"

.   If you had behaved and maintained the knowledge that females were actually second-class citizens Well, just above sub-human, but not quite yet human enough to not be a possession. It was a man’s job to take a woman down a notch, if she even thought she could be equal. A man’s ego needed severe stroking, and it was the woman’s job to make certain his ego was stroked, so he could feel like a man.      Because, you see the weak ones crumbled and were shut down by their families They were disowned by their friends and any woman who didn’t want to hear of such things. Women in such a cultural thinking were damned if they were weak and damned if they were strong-willed.   There was no two ways about it.   Women remained at the beck and call of men, and the women who mastered them.

"How To Ruin a Pearl"

    "How To Ruin a Pearl", addresses sexual assault on a variety of levels.  The novel addresses the combing process, the psychological effects that such a violent crime has, not only on the victim, yet as well of loved ones.  It also addresses the sociology of how many people may act, especially other women who show disgust aimed at the victim, who was once their friend.      The ripple effect on medical staff, especially during a combing process of the victim.  The novel demonstrates how investigations like these may be handled. As the story progresses, it addresses ways the victim, Jackie, works on salvaging whatever she has left.  She slowly realizes , her world has been gutted.      Her use of humor to survive, and also learning how to empower herself by maintaining the very outlet she was doing when the incident occurs. Ignoring the naysayers, maintaining normalcy at work and adding self-defense and karate to her new life.  Majority of the Novel surrounds the time