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It's Harmful

  It’s Harmful Coming up on forty years this year when my now deceased husband and I met; twelve days into this meeting we were on a date. I was off duty. It was August of 1981. We arrived on the beach in time to watch the sun rise. Some shops opened before we had to buy our badges at that beach in Belmar, New Jersey.   Before that occurred, my new boyfriend and I had a heated discussion. Me military-minded and gearing up to hopefully, eventually going into law enforcement, something I had planned.   I knew what I wanted. I wanted to eventually go into Narcotics and Homicide. Oh, that heated discussion was about drugs, drug dealers. It was a heated discussion, even after the new boyfriend became my fiancĂ©, and made me swear off not going into law enforcement in order for him to consider me desirable for marriage.   Yep, that was the dinosaur age… the 1980’s. Funny enough, a few years ago I commented on what I’d dreamt about becoming and gave up to marry him.   It was not my rel

The Agenda of Always

  I don’t do it because I have to. I do it because I want to. I don’t think many people comprehend that. Most I think, disregard their own depth in understanding. Why? Mostly laziness. Laziness to work on themselves, or with themselves in their present condition. Why the choice to opt for laziness? Sometimes its because they think, ‘what’s the use, no one will care or perhaps even know’. Sometimes it’s because they tried for something a certain way and it didn’t work the way THEY wanted it to work. So, they gave up, that’s pride. And you know what they say about pride don’t you. Worse yet after they make their decision to forgo giving something another shot, they despise you for making further attempts that they’ve given up on. And they perceived you’ve failed, by not making the goal they’ve chosen for themselves. Well then, they are temporarily satisfied. But the way you know they’re not on your ‘team’, is the lack of verbal contact, when they perceive you to have either achieved so

Owed to a Valentine

What is Love? It's not owed. It's sometimes placated to or for or with. It remains quiet in storms, so that a bit of peace cannot be shattered. It may be that the insides of the other are fought against with it's own ego. In Love, true Love, ego is placed aside, because it's about we. It's about us... All of us. Us in all our entirety. We step back, gathering the view of possibilities.  It's as if we stand atop a mountain seeing the ridges having no end only to meet the sea of sky. That's Love. The willingness to gather all sorrows, all thoughts, all creation and say, "Wow!"  Wow, with glee. At that point, nothing else matters. After a loss of someone whom you loved. As well, if they were part of the essence of your living space, there will be things discovered.  More quiet, less grappling with decisions,  because perhaps they are all yours now. More doing, because in a full Love relationship you share 'stuff'. Stuff like chores. If yo

High Heels Keep Women Down

 High heels keep women down... Let me tell you about women wearing high heels.  it repulses me to no end. High heels are unnatural and terrible for the body. It throws off your posture, shortens your posterior leg muscles,  and so forth.  It effects those women psychologically as they think, 'making themselves taller', that it will get them ahead in business. Or that men seeing this are going to respect them more.  Those women are wrong. Every time I've seen a woman in high heels in the last thirty years,  I think 'Hooker'  I have women who are highly educated, some are doctors, some hold high positions in this... still a man's world thinking that they are queen because they wear high heels whilst holding certain employment over men.  They are not. They are catering to a caveman, frontal lobe thinking. The very thing we need to tame in this world if women/girls are going to be considered equal, is that low level thinking. These women are not thinking 'w

Time Will Tell...

  Time Will Tell As I ran the other day, I decided to put a wiggle in my running course. I made a few different twists and turns, listening to my soul wherever it took me.   I do that every now and again. More now than again though. It’s my creative essence in knowing to create my own freedom, even when I feel caged in. We all feel that you know. Caged in. I see being caged in, like not the bill paying part in life, to me that’s natural. Not the work part, because that’s natural to me, as well.   I love to work. I hope I drop dead working, that’s one of my dreams. Just be working, planting, running, lifting, something and then it happens… Well, it’s either that, or I’ll decide to pick a fight with a big bear in the woods when I know the end is near.   For some crazy reason, it just sounds like the way I should leave this earth. Although, I’ll have to find a restless, unfriendly bear. Tough to do, because I love nature and have respected it when meeting up with a bear in the woods. An