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Excerpt from, "Power in the Shadows"

Being a former US Marine, you don’t lose that thinking of being a Marine. Of representing honor, strength, toughness and the like that, which goes with that title.   You are supposed to win battles that win wars. Now matter how ‘Goliath’, the enemy appears to the grunt; it is eventually conquered and disposed of.   That has been and probably will always be my mindset and most likely would be the mindset of any US Marine even decades after retirement, serving in a war or serving during peacetime, there is no difference.     As well, so I was abruptly told by my Godmother and her brother, my Dad, “You just pick yourself up by your bootstraps and move along. Keep a stiff upper lip.”   Deep down I think that’s just rubbish.   Everyone processes trauma in their own way and there is almost no wrong or right way, it’s trial and error for everyone.

From "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness" The Chemist “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived; that is to have succeeded.” ---Ralph Waldo Emerson In my junior year of high school.   As my parent’s separation continued, I attempted to excel in every area of school.   As usual, I struggled.   I wrestled with Latin II and third year English classes. My junior year was perhaps my most difficult school year on nearly every level.   Home was not good.   Running was not good. My health was constantly compromised.   Hamstring and past foot injuries hampered my running performances.   Which frustrated me to no end.   I never enjoyed being social with girls outside of school.   So I seldom went over anyone’s house and I couldn’t really invite anyone over to my house because I didn’t know how the atmosphere in my house would be.   Besides, I felt I was more needed at home helping ease my Mom’s caring of my

Excerpt from 9th book, 4th novel: "Anger Love, Rage Peace"

    She ran out of the store into the mall barefoot and in her bra and panties.   Security was called.   Local police, then county police were called in as well. She had to be tackled. Ms.Turner-Calico was so out of her mind.   That as she was originally hand-cuffed in the back seat of one of the local sheriff’s cars, she then kicked out the back window of the patrol car, smashing through with feet.     Between the blood coming from her feet and legs, a moment that temporarily stopped her was the shattering of both her heel bones. Then as the EMT’s arrived, it appeared Ms.Turner-Calico was going nowhere. She then was put into a straight-jacket; as the EMT’s had to safely tend to her bleeding body parts as she was still in a fit of rage.

New Non-Fiction in progress... "Power in the Shadows"

    Phil took his hand-held pads and began to walk with his saunter-like slow stroll type pace.   As he moved towards me, he took his right padded hand and put the tip of the pad to just under his nose.   He carried his left padded hand and held it to his chest.   Phil closed his eyes as he did all this simultaneously, and with his eyes almost looking like either a long held blink.   Or what he thought I understood.   But now he had to explain this me. It was just short of an eyeroll. Which I knew was not aimed at me.   It was because even Phil hated the idea that people could be so ill-willed and callous, to someone that never aimed harm in their direction.   Yet, he saw how I was perceived.   He got it. Phil really did.

Next Novel in Review Now, "Anger Love, Rage Peace"

Officer Walsh nods.   The two men depart from where they’re standing. “Officer McCormick. Come here.   I need you.”   Detective Bianchi, Jr. commands.       “Yes, sir.”   Officer McCormick walks from the one corner of the yellow taped off section towards where Detective Bianchi, Jr. is standing.       “I want Detective Antunes de Alencar for composite sketching.   He’s at Parsippany Police Department, he’s there tonight. Please contact him for us.   I just sent Officer Walsh to his sisters’ home. I need any notes that you may have as well. We’re going to get this Son of a Bitch!”   Detective Bianchi, Jr. angered instructs.         Officer McCormick nods, “Sure thing.   Will do Detective.”   Officer McCormick departs to radio in for Detective Antunes de Alencar to be contacted and for him to contact Detective Bianchi, Jr. for a composite sketch tonight.       Detective Bianchi, Jr. makes his way back into Sammy’s.   He enters. Patty, Sammy, Ben and Mr. Sargen