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WIP, "Blood, Spatters" fiction warrior women...

"...Forensic specialist with a penchant for …….shooting, and sometime stunt-woman, Mary Grace Ocampo, ‘The Nun’. Born in the Philippines in 1999. Her family moved out of Quezon City in 2001.   She’s the fifth of five children, three brothers and a sister. Her complexion and body language make her out to appear as the innocence and tranquility of a devout Catholic nun. Even her family thinks that Mary Grace is a nun. Her petite stature of four feet eleven inches, as well weighing a light ninety-nine pounds no one would ever suspect she could do such damage to a man. Let alone a man with a gun, as she was barely armed."

Excerpt from, "A Girl Named David"

  "A Girl Named David":.   Oh the Irony.... 😏          In late September 1970 I survived a house fire. It was before my eighth birthday. Initially, my brother who wa s age nine, my father and my mother forgot about me. I had been in a deep sleep from two injuries and an allergic reaction I'd had from a medicine for one of the injuries. I was dead to the world for four hours. I woke up stairs to smoked filled rooms I was groggy from the drug I was given after school.     As I got to the top of the thirteen stairs that lead to our kitchen that was on fire, I heard a commotion. Standing at the top of the staircase I realized as I had trouble breathing and I couldn't see a thing. It was what seemed a white smokey film. I yelled at the top of my lungs, "Moooom!!!!!" I took three steps down unable to see, then a hand pulled me onto my butt and dragged me down to the bottom of the stairs . I knew to stay on the ground. My Mom let me go, I crawled as I heard her

Introduction of "Therapy On the Run"

       Introduction     From about 1999 through 2010, Caytha Jentis and I would try to get together for a run or two about every seven to ten days.  Many were short runs due to her busy schedule of those days.  Caytha’s workload was jam-packed.      Caytha was the more dynamic of the two of us.  Caytha really being more of a social otter than I. Running together was our form of going out for coffee.  Caytha, a well-educated woman, who had taught in Los Angeles, California, that was way back before we had ever met.  Also she’d had a background in writing/production as she worked for a Bergen County newspaper and for the show Sesame Street which airs on PBS (Public Broadcasting Station).     At the time Caytha, being a working mother of two school-aged children, a house wife, and training the family dogs, Buster and Stewie.   Caytha didn’t dabble.  Stewie, was probably the best trained dog I’d ever encountered in my entire life.   We’d be outside running together, Stewie k

About the Author...

About Jody-Lynn Reicher Jody-Lynn Reicher, who started running in 1976, served in the U.S. Marines in the early 1980's. She went on to become a marathoner setting her sights on Olympic level running. After tragedy struck in 1991, she ended up having spinal fusion surgery which diminished her goal of Olympic marathon racing. She thus went into ultra-marathon running, changed her career from finance/accounting to provide massage therapy and bodywork for medical purposes. She deals primarily with pain patients, and injured athletes in her therapy business. Jody-Lynn in changing her type of running to accommodate her physical damage then became a Badwater Ultramarathon Veteran, three completions of the original course 2002,2004,2005. She is currently still running Jody-Lynn is currently working on a non-fiction book, "Power in the Shadows", as well as the fifth sequel of "How To Ruin a Pearl" a novel, "The 19th". She is working with a former Profession