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Time Runs By

Tomorrow marks more than one anniversary for me. Both are special...Here is one of them... So tomorrow marks the completion of forty-six years of running. I started at age 13, July 1st 1976. I was told I was too slow. I was told I had too many foot and hip issues. I was told that I’d quit, because I was a girl. I was told I’d grow out of it by end of high school. I was told my knees would get destroyed and I’d be an old lady by age forty and all crippled. My mom asked me one day when I was a teenager, “So at what age do you think you can run till?” I responded, “Oh, I don’t know 65, maybe.” She replied, “Yep. I think so.” It was implied I’d lose the will to run let alone race when I became a mother. I was told, it couldn’t be done. A record couldn’t be set by someone with no talent, rearing children and working full time. I was told I’d be tired and get distracted and end up like everyone else in one of the tribes I have been associated with. So I ran anyway... I’d sit in

It's About the Soul And...

  ...perhaps the soles of our shoes. My father-in-law used to say the feet are what soldiers depend on, as we do food. He said that to me in 1985 as I stood in his home office.  My husband, Norman was a shoe guy. And it was all about the soles on the shoes.  For me, the way I have stayed on my feet was soul deep. Sometimes praying every step of the way, to not fall over out of exhaustion. The approximately 170,000 miles of running, many of which Norman had witnessed or known of. He wondered how I stayed standing working on my feet all day. Only to come home, and go for a second run at midnight at times.  Often Norman would give me a lecture on good shoe care. It was about the soles of the shoes. He'd point out stitching on a shoe that was done wrong. Therefore commenting, " a shoe less time of wear on this earth."  He'd remark quite often. "You have to buy good quality shoes." I have to say, there was absolutely something comedic about his shoe obse

To My Well-Intended-Wishers

To my well-wishers who want to make decisions for women and their bodies. Who've been indoctrinated and led by the nose and told the opposite of any Supreme Being's intentions. You are off the mark. Such as this statement I saw posted from a well-intended man, whom I have respect for: " SHOULD A MAN BE FORCED TO MARRY A LADY HE ACCIDENTALLY IMPREGNATED 🙄😯😁🤦" My response: What if he is a wife beater?  I know you mean well. But not every women wants every pregnancy that comes from rape, incest and so much more. Also, this statement you've although,  perhaps thought well intended. Not every one who gets pregnant is physically able to carry without life changing complications that could very well shorten her life. No one should make a decision for a woman concerning her body. Too, the under served do NOT always have an easy time with pregnancy. The mortality rate among women of color is much, much higher than that of white women during pregnancy. Too, minoritie