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Excerpt from, "Anger Love, Rage Peace" to be finished by May 1st, 2019

    “Well, they said she is stable.   She can speak.   It’s her left side that will be a chore to get back they said.   Sandra Mae has been here since about three in the morning on Sunday.   I heard it’s been good for Mom.   I’m happy about that. How’s Trent doing?”   Tom responds.     “Oh, Trent is doing well.   He has the next seven days off he said. He can fly out tomorrow and help with whatever we need and Mom needs.”   Eddie states.     “That would be great!   We will take all the help we can get.”   Tom replies.     “Yes, it does help to have a compassionate male nurse in the family.   He loves to help people.   Trent is indeed a gorgeous soul.”   Eddie remarks.     “Eddie better thn your first wife.   I love it!”   Tom smiling comments.     “Indeed so.   Thomas you have that quite correct. I dare say.”   Eddie being his old funny self. Excerpt from, "Anger Love, Rage Peace", sequel to "No Fury Like a Woman"...

Excerpt from, "Anger Love, Rage Peace" to be done by May 1st, 2019

    In eighth grade art class, Vinny created a lifelike painting of famous mobsters now deceased. The scene was that they were seated around the table, appearing like Christ in the last supper.   Albeit, it was very well-done, and thusly, put up on display during an art exhibit at the regional high school.   Many however, wondered what possessed Vinny to pick those subjects.     Jason, on the other hand drew in pencil and charcoal a portrait of Jack the Ripper strangling a young woman with no face. Heads turned upon hearing what Jason had drawn.   Yet, many were afraid to broach the matter with his parents. There were whispers of what would make a child be so interested in such a fiend of the past.

Excerpt from "Anger Love Rage Peace" Due out May 1st, 2019

    “The ones that couldn’t testify.   The ones that died and a murderer that got away with rape and murder. You know what I saw when I testified?”   Jackie comments.     “What?   What did you see?”   Veronica asks.     “I saw white men, paying people off, thinking they were going to win against me.”   Jackie responds.     “Where?”   Veronica queries.     “During my testifying.   There were mostly white men involved.   They jockeyed for political and egotistical position in life to be the conqueror of the day, the week, the month, the year, the years, the lives they ruined.”   Jackie replies.     “Whoa… That’s a lot.”   Veronica remarks.     “That’s the honest truth.   No one can tell me different.”   Jackie sighs responds.

Excerpt from, "Anger Love Rage Peace" to be out by May 1st, 2019

    “It ain’t over.   You’re not done. So, you made a mistake.   You paid for it. You now need to repair the world around you. Give what you can.   Help others, while having no agenda, other than reparations. Keep your conscience in check.   Believe it or not it’s in a good place right now.   Keep it there.   Things you could not have imagined will come your way, if you truly are sorry for what you did.   There is redemption.” George adds as he nods.   “Well, I’d better get back on my beat here.   Smiling he adds.     Nodding Sandra Mae states, “Hey George.   Thank you.”     “No problem.   But one thing.   You better not to try and stay on one piece of floor, cause then they’re going to expect the rest of the floor to look that new.”   Smiling George comments. "Anger Love Rage Peace", the 3rd Sequel to "How To Ruin a Pearl, after, "No Fury Like a Woman..."