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Next Novel after, "No Fury Liike a Woman" is the sequel, "The 19th"

    President Ergorov tapping her Presidential pen, rolling her eyes, “Really?   I could have taken a class in origami by now.” She admonishes the Turkish government response to her contacting them. “I don’t think they realize that they are holding up the richest person in the world. He may have the same last name as my husband, but he’s number twenty on riches in the world.   I mean, seriously?” President Ergorov gripes.     “Here you go Ma’am.”   Ms. Kennedy hands the phone receiver to President Ergorov.     President Ergorov takes the receiver from her secretary and brings it to her right ear with an eye roll. She begins, “So, did he talk?”     “We’re working on it.”   President Yilmaz replies.     “Did you get a hold of Dictator, I mean President Sung Kim ?”   President Ergorov inquires.     “Yes. He will stop the testing for now. He’d like a little action.   If you know what I mean.”   President Yilmaz suggests.     “What a demanding little man.” Presid

Excerpt from "No Fury Like a Woman"

   "...The color of the chairs is as cold as the truth of misgivings that the world has to offer women..."