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The sequel to, "No Fury LIke a Woman..." Should be ready by mid January 2019

    Eighteen minutes later the two detectives arrive at Two Convent Road, in Morristown. After they park, they begin walking as they head towards the College campus. They are then greeted by Sister Angelica Marie de Alencar. “Hello.   You two gentlemen must be here for Sister Elizabeth Mary.”   Sister Angelica Mary says smiling.     “Ma’am. Thank you.   Yes, we are.   I was the one who called and made the appointment.   I’m Detective Krueger and this is Detective Bianchi, Jr, Ma’am.”   Detective Krueger responds in kind.     “Okay.   Then follow me.   Sister Elizabeth Mary is awaiting your arrival.”   Sister Angelica Mary comments with a gentle grin.     The two detectives follow the nun, as they pass four doors on their right and three on their left.   There is a light odor of incense in the air.   Soon, the three of them arrive to a small office where Sister Elizabeth Mary is seated behind a desk and finishing conferring with a pupil of the college.     The pupil i

The sequel to, "How To Ruin a Pearl" now available...

Excerpt from, "No Fury Like a Woman"

    Even at age six Jackie saw the seriousness of the nature of praying for the dead, even though she knew it was for the living.   Jackie was well-aware that her mother had a still-birth of some sort on that same date the year before Tara was born in 1963.     Her mother appeared inconsolable.   It was another boy.   They found out six months into the pregnancy upon the birth of their dead son Ashe.

"The Pink Room" Just Released

The sequel to "How To Ruin a Pearl"  has just been released:

"How To Ruin a Pearl" released yesterday...

"How To Ruin a Pearl" Now Available in Paperback.

Radio Show Interview...

Below is the link to Radio Show Interview...

"How To Ruin a Pearl"

Should be ready for purchase in three days...

Excerpt from, "How To Ruin a Pearl"...a Novel

    She puts the shower on.   Shaking the chill she feels, she gently gets into the shower and pulls the beige shower curtain closed.   The warm water feels foreign, yet soothing.   As she looks down, more dirt and blood are pouring off her and now draining down through her feet.   She feels disgusting in every way imaginable.