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Excerpt from, "Power in the Shadows".

.....Later, it was to endure healing, working, attempting to stay fit, and getting ready for trial, that I would soon testify in. The exhaustion of physical pain, let alone not knowing exactly the outcome of the trial, nor my health, nor much of my future was all encompassing and exhausting, as I fought off flashbacks, sleepless nights at times too.     The aftermath; as the dust settled from the medical treatments which would carry on past a decade beyond the trial and conviction of my attacker, was beyond exhausting.   As well as trying to build another career so I could work and not be in so much pain. All encompassing, all exhausting. More disruptions which would keep me in a near constant state of exhaustion, I decided were normal.   To get myself into a very physically fit arena, I decided to run as far as I could. Even after I became a mother, exhaustion was my mainstay and I would fight it to survive another angered, anxious day, in hope that the exhaustion, the feeling of

Introduction to, "Anger Love, Rage Peace"

Introduction     “Anger Love, Rage Peace”, begins twenty-six after “No Fury Like a Woman” leaves off. Where the main character Jackqueline “Jackie” Bloodworth is now seen in her early sixties. “Anger Love, Rage Peace” shows what has transpired not only in her life in the years since the assault on her, yet also what has transpired in many of the other characters of the past three novels, from “How To Ruin a Pearl”, to “The Pink Room” as well as from, “No Fury Like a Woman”.     This novel is partly to demonstrate how a victim of sexual assault may cope, as well as others coping with their losses in an act of terrorism experienced on American soil. Some as they recognize their past of unknowingly having been the victim, thus may demonstrate their life choices, of the past.     Vindication, would also be another description for this novel, as many of the characters from the other three novels show a sign of hope in humanity. Not always, yet quite often Karma enters the scene, a

"Anger Love, Rage Peace" has now been released in paperback, Kindle ebook to come...

This is the continuation of the Third Novel, "No Fury Like a Woman", which stems from the novels "The Pink Room" and "How To Ruin a Pearl". It takes place primarily from the September 11th 2001 attacks in New York City, the Pentagon and the tragic crash in Pennsylvania of Flight 93 through December 31, 2018.  There are pivotal flashes back from the early to mid 1990's to give the reader a sense of time and how other lives around the main character Jackqueline "Jackie" Bloodworth ended up.

Excerpt from next novel, "Anger Love, Rage Peace"

....Dr. Patel is holding up a crumpled Sandra Mae McCaskell, broken by life’s flaws and betrayals of humanity. The crying is dark and deep.   The anger that releases with a temporary love for hope. Yet the rage that won’t let go. Five minutes later, as her crying calms down.     “So, what do you want now?”   Dr. Patel asks.     “Peace.”   Sandra Mae thinking, sniffling she answers. "Anger Love, Rage Peace", is the fourth sequel to the novel, "How To Ruin a Pearl".