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What we learn...

What we learn...about our world...Part One: I wish I could speak with you all face to face.  I was in the Marines a long time ago and good God I feel you all. Now, stay with me...I have two teenage daughters. Married 36 years, now. Both our daughters we adopted. Both had been abandoned. I came from lower middle class blue collar Christian family. My husband upper middle class family... I call him, "My college boy". Its a joke because no one thought our marriage would last. We still get teased once a year by one of his Frat boys about my grit versus his softer approach to life. Married by a Rabbi. We were opposite in many of our views and experiences.  Except that we both believed in equality.  We believed we should make a difference. My husband, a very giving man has become disabled. Our youngest has my personality.  Our oldest reminds me of my husband, my brother who died when she was too little to remember and my husband's sister, a real Princess 😂  Our 17 year o