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What we learn...

What we learn...about our world...Part One:
I wish I could speak with you all face to face.  I was in the Marines a long time ago and good God I feel you all. Now, stay with me...I have two teenage daughters. Married 36 years, now. Both our daughters we adopted. Both had been abandoned. I came from lower middle class blue collar Christian family. My husband upper middle class family... I call him, "My college boy". Its a joke because no one thought our marriage would last. We still get teased once a year by one of his Frat boys about my grit versus his softer approach to life. Married by a Rabbi. We were opposite in many of our views and experiences.  Except that we both believed in equality.  We believed we should make a difference. My husband, a very giving man has become disabled. Our youngest has my personality.  Our oldest reminds me of my husband, my brother who died when she was too little to remember and my husband's sister, a real Princess 😂  Our 17 year old, the Princess, she  as a junior in high school had two jobs, both are gone because of COVID. Her attempt to go for her 3rd degree black belt in Goju Ryu was quashed because of COVID. I'd just gotten her, her first prom dress, something I'd never had or experienced in my life. Prom of course gone for the year and perhaps (I warned her) her senior year may very well be effected. She is social. She is near the top of her class. But she is in a white world and she isn't white. Remember that. Our 15 year old appears contented and accepting of the restrictions even losing her first job because of COVID, she's me. She accepts MY restrictions during this time. I even have to keep my husband in bubble wrap for his condition.  A few bright things HERE, NOW:
Our oldest hasn't complained as much as I expected. But she has complained. And I have spoken to her gently. And as well told her, "Suck it up Sister."
Our oldest who WANTED to be seen as White, suddenly changed because of GEORGE FLOYD's death. Yep. A Black man's death influenced our Princess. Sorry for his death...But it woke our oldest up. Thank God! She stepped outside her comfort zone and announced that Asians must be for freedom for all. She said and posted on her social platform that she is an Asian for Black Lives. I waited for her to be Asian (recognizing such, imagine dragging a kid for nine years kicking and screaming to Chinese lessons...Yep, that was me/Mom...🙄). I have even gone as far as acting Asian right before adopting her. So now suddenly, massive discussions among her friends (all white) and at our dinner table, recently on George Floyd by her. I was waiting for her to care about someone else's needs beyond her own. She in the past never understood why I called people who I didn't know at stores and such, 'Sir' and 'Ma'am'. She would make fun of me. My response was, "All people deserve my respect till they show me otherwise. You must give the man or woman that is serving you coffee anywhere the same respect you want, you give it to them."
I feel that any hardship...restrictions NOW are a benefit.  This is the first time in well over 40 years I've been unemployed.  I am showing our children what you do when money becomes tight, before it gets too bad. As well to plan for a second wave. I think the political air, the civil rights air, the rearranging of learning for our teens, the COVID issues are all good lessons NOW for developing better 'life skills' as well as how we treat others. I tell my husband a couple times a week, "God will provide." We understand our privileges of living in residential spaces with trees. These current events, and many other lessons only Life can teach. The only lesson I can teach to our daughters is how to React to them. As well, I am acting as if this were all somewhat normal. Like, just a part of life.  Thank You. 😊😇❤🙏


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