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Great night last night ... the speeches were very entertaining...Indeed...

Talented, Great Bunch of Ladies...and Artists in their own right.

Seven of my paperbacks are now in ebook on Kindle...

Most of my paperbacks are now also available as ebooks as well...

New Novel WIP to be out by May 1st 2019: "Anger, Love, Rage, Peace" 3rd sequel to "How To Ruin a Pearl"

    “Well, that’s good.   You will need that. As bad as this is, which I can’t imagine for you.   But the loss, is so deep it must feel like a betrayal of life. Now that, I do understand.   But tomorrow the sun will come out again.   It will do three things.   It will first remind you that you are alive, because of the loss. Secondly, it will remind you when one life stops, the world continues. And thirdly, it will tell you how to live.”   Gavin holds out hope as he tries to explain how deep loss doesn’t go away, yet we must progress forward, gain from the experience, and then the loss gives back where we can.

Excerpt from "No Fury Like a Woman", now on Kindle and in Paperback.

Dante turns his head back to Mr. Sgroi holding the front door open and waving says, “Hey, this young lady here, needs a bottle of your Chianti, Edwaldo!”     The three of them giggle. Mr. Sgroi says, “Something to celebrate. Indeed.”     “Oh.   So, you guys already know something?”   Jackie quips.     “It’s like wild fire. Holy Cow!” Dante remarks.     “They got the whole kit and kaboodle.” Mr. Sgroi adds.     “Hey.   That doesn’t sound very Sicilian there Mr. Sgroi.   Where did you learn that from?”   Jackie remarks.     “You know you’re a very funny young lady there Jackie. See you tomorrow afternoon Eddie.” Dante comments.   They snicker as Dante and Jackie cross paths.     Soon, Dante is driving off as Jackie enters the front door into the foyer at the bottom of the stairs below her apartment.   Mr. Sgroi says, “Wait a second here.”     “Okay.”   Jackie responds smiling.       Mr. Sgroi leaves for a minute and returns back with an unopened bottle

Next Novel, "Anger Love, Rage Peace"...

    After the assault in 1991 on Artie McGregor, three months later, he has been searching for a man he feels set him up for the assault that occurred that year.  He awaits the man at the local bar, Sammy’s where he knows the man will arrive before he meets a couple friends.     Sean Kilpatrick is always the first to arrive, yet, drinks the least.  He’s a middle school history teacher, he gets out earlier from work before his two friends Pete and Chris do. Sean is a clean-cut father of two small children. The people that know Sean see him as the nicest guy you’d ever know... Sequel to "No Fury Like a Woman..."

Next Non-Fiction.. "The Sweet Science of Gina Marie Guidi"

    1996…Sonny Marson was quoted as saying, “…I don’t feel they should be in there (fighting). It’s a fad… then the fad dies.” Marson continued, “It’s a man’s sport.” Which was also quoted in the article, A Woman’s Place is in the Ring . Sonny Marson, The Northern California   President of USA Boxing was quoted saying to Brian Hoffman writer of the San Francisco Chronicle, in the said article of September 1996 .

Now available on Kindle; the Second Edition to, "Not Exactly Don Juan... and The Liberated Woman"

Finally, I realized Adam was being kind. He probably was taught not to hit a girl.  Phil realizing this said, “Adam, go work with Scott and Peter.”      Phil goes to the bin to get a pair of four ounce gloves.  Phil is going to spar with me.  Adam seeing this says, “Oh no.”     Phil then sets up the timer. After he does, he gets a sip of water, and putting on a pair of four ounce gloves says, “Okay we’ll do three, five minute professional rounds.”  I look at Phil and wonder, ‘which way do I go?’     Before I know it, as to my nature I move forward.  Knowing that you’re going to get hit and getting hit are two different things.  It is scarier to know you’re going to get hit than it is to get hit.  Getting hit is nothing.  It’s the fear leading up to it.  

Soon to be on Kindle... excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman" Second Edition

Phil responds, “Uh what do you want?”     I reply, “You check that kid’s I.D., then if he is not a minor.   Hand him to me.   Let me do what I need to do.”     Phil says, “You sure?”     I reply, “You give me that little fuck’r .   Tonight, he’s mine.   Thank you.”     Meanwhile Phil finds out that one of our pro-MMA fighters has been training the kid.   And at seven o’clock after work I’m at Phil’s ready for this kid.   Phil has really not seen me enraged quite like this.   He says, “You sure he’s going to show?”     I reply, “Oh yeah.   He’ll be here.”   Just then Lee and Luke walk in, saying ‘ hello ’, they go to the back part of Phil’s basement gym to warm up.   They’re going to work ground.   No one else is in yet.     Just after seven o’clock the kid pulls up.   I say to Phil, “He’s here.   I told yah.”

Soon to be on Kindle... excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman" Second Edition

    The phone call to Phil was the final piece that completed what I felt was necessary to protect our children, the community, and myself.   Although I felt that I was the main target, and it would be me the criminal would come after.   I realized that I had to think beyond my own boundaries as well.

Most of the books I have also now on Kindle...

Added... the following novels on Kindle... "How To Ruin a Pearl" "The Pink Room" "No Fury Like a Woman" Coming soon... in Non-fiction on Kindle... "Priceless in Changsha" "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman" Can't wait for all the books to be up on Kindle...

The Kindle Version of "How To Ruin a Pearl"

  New!!! Kindle Version of "How To Ruin a Pearl". If you buy the Paperback, you can receive the Kindle Version for $2.99.

Second Review... on "The Pink Room"

"Loved this book--but it cost me sleep. One chapter led to another chapter to another- to another. I just had to find out what happened next."---Jane Villani

"The Pink Room"

THE PINK ROOM. Fact or fiction Caution: Fasten your seat belts. You simply won’t be able to put the book down The Pink Room is the second in the Trilogy. Soon to be released is “No Fury Like A Woman” Jody-Lynn Reicher takes you thru a nightmare experience describing the tenacity, Courage and determination to realize justice What it takes or what it took to WIN Question:  Fact or fiction. You decide!!! ---Dan Schaefer, PhD, Author of "Click" The Competitive Edge Owner of Peak Performance Strategies. Mind-Strategist of "When Losing IS Not An Option"