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"Don't Cry Out Loud."

"Don't Cry Out Loud. Just keep it inside and learn to hide your feelings..." ---December 1976, Melissa Manchester sung that song. I believe it had become a hit then. Today, as I was going through old business items. Old medical books I've accumulated over the decades. I began to get upset. It's not that I didn't know why I was. I knew. It's that I usually keep it inside because I've mostly hid my feelings. "Baby cried the day the circus came to town. Cause she didn't want parades just passing by her." I'd often wondered what would have happened to my husband if I'd passed before he had. He said to me half-kidding a decade ago, long before he became ill, "If you go before me. I'm going to be cursing you out. The paperwork you'll leave behind. Hmm." .""So she painted on a smile and took up with some clown. While she danced upon the net without a wire." I replied to Norm, "Oh com'on. I'm

Old Habits Die Hard

In 2019 my Husband stood looking at the TV. Norm said, "Stupid, stupid people. They don't know what they're in for. They don't know what they want... They will give away their healthcare." As I awoke laying in bed this morning. Listening to the rain, I thought, 'With all the brain matter we have. With all the dominion we've been given, why are many of us still stodgy. Why can't we all see that staying stagnant is unhealthy.  That just because it worked for you before. Doesn't mean it was the best thing.  Our world needs to accept responsibility. The adults first, then the politicians will follow. Yes, you heard me. WE the people need to decide to become educated on a regular basis. WE the people need to READ from a variety of sources everyday.   Most of us here in the United States can read. It's just that we're too lazy to try to tackle the task. It's just like what we do with our diets and exercise or the lack there of. We beckon

The Part We Don't Want To Look At...

  The part we don't want to look at... that we have a fascist problem in these United States. Too, that is covered and quite often protected not just by our first amendment.  But also by white people who don't want to look at their hateful side. The side that white Christians embrace. Such as, when you stand by and say we embrace equality. In turn you think people of other religions, races, cultures and thinking need to be converted to your belief system. As well, to your styles because you were indoctrinated into believing that your way of living is better than anyone else's. You are reflecting the opposite of your white Christian standard. The standard about Love and acceptance. As a person who was raised as a white Christian I made the choice to deviate from what the rest of my family didn't do... I read the Bible solo as a child. I read the Bible that everyone stated they believed in and I found that even the churches were hypocritical. I knew that by age e

The Single Mother Mortgage

  The Single Mother Mortgage Now, since I’ve been in the writing full-time mode. Actually, more than full-time mode. Like a friend of mine had recently said, “Only sixteen hours of writing in a day? That’s not a full workday.” We laughed. As we get older, its not that we find time to ponder thoughts. Its that somewhere if we’ve allowed ourselves, we gain insight as to what was our past living was all about. Who were our parents? Who were our siblings? Why were they there? How did it mold us? If they had. What effects did our relationships, non-relationships and our hopeful relationships have on us? Did they matter? Why were they brought forth many decades later after their deaths? Why were their words still on repeat in our minds, like a vinyl record skipping? What did they teach us? And was it worth the lessons? Yes, perhaps there are many other questions that anyone could add in the aforementioned paragraph. Since I’ve had Rainman-esk thoughts, I could add tons more questions.

The Anti-Packer Or The Insistent Cashier

The Anti-Packer Or The Insistent Cashier  So, the other day... I'm doing a mid-sized to light foodshopping. I've been packing food at grocery stores since I was age seven. I kind of like the chore. I did it for my mom, and now I've been doing it for my household for decades.  The reason why I enjoy packing my own food is, that I know exactly where everything is in each bag. As well, many don't always take so much care in doing so. I am also organized when I shop, placing items in a certain order in the shopping cart.  For the first time in my life the cashier, a woman of forty-something, blonde haired (dyed, pretty certain), looked like she read enough Glamour magazines, properly made up and well quaffed.  She'd Insisted on packing for the young man ahead of me. He was a good-looking, tall, fit, of about age thirty-something. I thought it was cute as she appeared to give him advice. She was a bit like a Helicopter Mom.   I thought, maybe she was lonely as she appea

The Real Driving Lesson

On Sunday, January 14th we left home for our youngest daughter's return to college. She insisted on driving the 160 mile trek. As she drove she learned a few good lessons. After driving over 100 miles, we heard our emergency alerts go off on our phones. I looked at my phone as she drove. I warned her. Soon, a snow squawl hit. We went from sunshine with winds to a sudden massive blinding snow storm. It seemed to ease up. Then it came on even more intense, then covering the roadway. The highway was then suddenly covered with snow, creating icy conditions.  She went slow with lights on, flashers on and went no more than 40 mph. I told her to keep cars no less than 15 lengths ahead of her.  I told her to never pull over on the shoulder except if the car is completely disabled. Always look for an exit, when it gets too dangerous to drive and pull completely off the road. Yet, beware exits can usually surprise you, as they become treacherous in this type of weather. And to always assume

In My Little Town

 "Nothing but the dead and dying, Back in my little town." ---Simon & Garfunkel  Generation after generation families living in the same town over and over again is most likely not healthy. It's certainly not progressive. Especially, when the kids aren't encouraged to step out of their comfort zone to be around a variety of race, religion and cultures of people. When there's only been one political party offered for decades to be head of the town. "In my little town, I grew up believing God keeps His eye on us all. And he used to lean upon me. As I pledged allegiance to the wall." ---Simon & Garfunkel  Bigotry has been rumbling under ground, with Pollyanna smiles just feet above. But when the doors close the truth is at their dinner tables. It goes without a word spoken. A nod to a fascist phrase. Perhaps a giggle about a child different yet too smart for them. "Coming home after school, flying my bike past the gates of the factory. My mom

Upgraded Planet

  The rules of nature, perhaps includes itself repair. If people started with the insight of hope in our divine cellular structure then there might be less of an artificial aliveness in many of us. Perhaps less depression,  more hope. Hope, isn't that what we are looking for,  deep down every day in our lives? If not, it should be. To take this to a human every day level.  What if we were encouraged to solve our bodily dilemmas without urgency? Instead, perhaps we should have been working on our health before we needed an urgent remedy. The old saying, "A stitch in time saves nine."  Indeed that saying does hold true. As much as we are one experiment of one.  The truth still holds that we must adjust our thinking and our living constantly. As much as humans resist change quite often.We people were meant to evolve past our predecessors,  sometimes in leaps and bounds. When we don't adjust our thinking and thus our living that is how we condemn not only our future

Nutritional Aha!

I tried something new in 2023. Something I'd studied and from one of my recent nutrition classes and one of my therapy instructors in October. It was the idea of a juicing cleanse. I'd never done one. So, I wanted to see how doing a three day cleanse with juicing which included aside from water, juices, herbal tea, blacl coffee, organic berries, oatmeal, organic raw honey, and a selection of nuts/seeds. I followed a recommended standard that was 'tried and true', so to speak. I normally wouldn't encourage this, but I checked with people who had medical licenses after I'd finished the cleanse. During which I was able to do all my daily work, chores, and training activities without a hitch in my stride. As a matter of fact, the pains that I'd had for years, actually decades reduced. All my issues either cleared completely or improved markedly for 10 more days after the cleanse.  So I will say this is proof that nutrition effects most conditions whether it br