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Upgraded Planet


The rules of nature, perhaps includes itself repair. If people started with the insight of hope in our divine cellular structure then there might be less of an artificial aliveness in many of us. Perhaps less depression,  more hope.

Hope, isn't that what we are looking for,  deep down every day in our lives?
If not, it should be.
To take this to a human every day level.  What if we were encouraged to solve our bodily dilemmas without urgency? Instead, perhaps we should have been working on our health before we needed an urgent remedy.

The old saying, "A stitch in time saves nine."  Indeed that saying does hold true.
As much as we are one experiment of one.  The truth still holds that we must adjust our thinking and our living constantly. As much as humans resist change quite often.We people were meant to evolve past our predecessors,  sometimes in leaps and bounds.

When we don't adjust our thinking and thus our living that is how we condemn not only our future,  but the future of those humans arriving after us. Those and that which we have been given responsibility over, so long as our hearts remain beating.

If we took that thought each one of us to heart. We would  have more peace surrounding us. Less disgruntled humans. And we could positively alter our planet.
Picture your best body you had at ages four or five. Even with certain defects it was generally healthy. Now, recall all the synthetic food stuff you ingested. You were warned. Maybe by your parents, your internist, your dentist or perhaps even a friend.

But the advertisements drew you in. Well, we could blame that. It's easy, most do.
Then we are convinced to blame our genetics. Yet we haven't exactly worked on changing our ancestoral habits.  We then also blame age. 

When we get into a medical predicament, we reason all these aforementioned excuses. Then we decide we are owed a pill or two or three, perhaps a surgery. Yet in the end we've not changed a thing. Conversely, we have barely taken responsibility for our predicament. Too, we've added to our dilemma with the lies we tell ourselves and the willingness for the medical field to keep reinventing for us. Because we want to believe it's their responsibility to let us take up space, because we matter.

Funny thing is, if we truly mattered that much and we considered such, we most likely wouldn't be in this predicament of chronic  unhealth. An unhealthy relationship with living is eventually what most of us have.

I've heard coming from people of varying standards... "People feel entitled..." The same people expressing this, thinking this are spewing this as they've willingly deceived themselves as only they are entitled to a health that they didn't earn. And in turn, those same people and  many others will condemn those who truly are attempting to get to their best health through being responsible with proper nutritional habits and outside exercises daily.

The goal of quality living is not longevity,  it's having health where little medical treatment is necessary. I do not eat healthy, and exercise outside regularly to live longer. I do it so my living is productive till my last breathe.  And so that I remain sharp and caring to not only people in my life, but to all that is beneath my feet and beyond the imagination of the stars. My goal is to upgrade the planet with my existence. ---Jody-Lynn Reicher 


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