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Jody-Lynn Reicher will be speaking ..."Women at the Crossroads" in New York City

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About Author Jody-Lynn Reicher, See Her Author Page

ody-Lynn Reicher, who started running in 1976, served in the U.S. Marines in the early 1980's. She went on to become a marathoner setting her sights on Olympic level running. After tragedy struck in 1991, she ended up having spinal fusion surgery which diminished her goal of Olympic marathon racing. She thus went into ultra-marathon running, changed her career from finance/accounting to provide massage therapy and bodywork for medical purposes. She deals primarily with pain patients, and injured athletes in her therapy business.  Jody-Lynn in changing her type of running to accommodate her physical damage then became a Badwater Ultramarathon Veteran, three completions of the original course 2002,2004,2005. She is currently still running Jody-Lynn is currently working on a novel, "The 19th", and the Memoir of Gina Marie "Boom Boom" Guidi. She has written over 300 pieces of prose in the last five years as well. "No Fury Like a Woman" a novel has just bee

Newly Released Novel, "No Fury Like a Woman"

Next Novel "The 19th", is the sequel to, "No Fury Like a Woman"

Excerpt from "The 19th"...     “When do you think we should get those letters, and mail them out?” Michael inquires.     “I think real soon. I uh. I’m going to try to get that done in the next two days.   What day is today?”   Peter asks.     “It’s Sunday, March 8 th , Peter.”   Michael responds.     “When was Joe’s birthday?” Peter asks, still in shock.     “Um.   Holy Mackerel! It was March 17 th .” Michael responds.     “Oh, the party. I’ve been so busy and hadn’t spoken with him since Wednesday.”   Peter now wonders if he had only called him on Thursday, maybe Joe would have lived long enough to get to his eightieth birthday.     “Don’t have regrets.   Joe would tell you that.   A person leaves when they’re ready.   Not when you’re ready.”   Michael comments.

"No Fury Like a Woman" in for Publishing Final Review

    "No Fury Like a Woman", is a suspense crime novel.  “No Fury Like a Woman”, is the sequel to “The Pink Room”.  It is where our main character Jackqueline "Jackie" Bloodworth from the first novel "How To Ruin a Pearl", now lives her life while awaiting the trial of her assailant, copes.      This novel is designed to show the physical workings of what may occur after indictments are handed down in a criminal case.   It covers usual and unusual circumstances that may occur prior to any hearing after indictments are handed down in a felony case.        Through the character here, Ms. Jackqueline Bloodworth’s responses and feelings demonstrate the emotional, social, financial, and physical aspects of what a victim may personally feel, think and go through.  There are other characters in this novel that also demonstrate what crime may impose on the families, and friends involved.        This book is not intended to pigeon-hole any particular response bas

In Proofing Review... "No Fury Like a Woman"

“What was it?”  Jackie inquires.     “It was that they feared the very thing I experienced, which was losing their dad.  So, if they could get rid of me.  They thought they’d bully me so much that I wouldn’t come back to school; then that tragedy could not exist in their realm.  And if it didn’t exist, then it could never happen to them.”  Joe replies.     “Oh. I never looked at it completely that way.  I knew no one wanted to talk about it. Yet, it got to the point, that they wouldn’t even run with me, or call me, even if I hadn’t brought it up. I did everything to not discuss the incident.  I did that to make other people feel comfortable.  Meanwhile, I’ve been suffering.  But I don’t complain.  I figure it could always be worse.

From "No Fury Like a Woman" Now in Second Proofing Review

    “This is Detectives Krueger and Bianchi, Jr. Sister Elizabeth Mary. Would you like me to stay?”  Sister Angelica Marie queries.     “No, that’ll be fine. Welcome gentlemen, please have a seat.”  As Sister Elizabeth Mary welcomes the two detectives, she offers seating in the two, one hundred year old, wooden oak chairs. They are draped in jacobean colored, dark brown stain. The chairs appear  as cold as the truth of misgivings that the world has to offer women. She continues, “So, now how may I help you two detectives?”  She queries.     The two detectives nod at each other as Detective Krueger is agreed to speak first.

Next New Novel... "The 19th"

    Gavin responds, “One step at a time. It will all come together.   But don’t do that alone.   Tell your wife first.   She’s his mother.   Let her mourn with you.   Then have your wife and you sit down with Svien’s wife and support her as you tell her.   Does Svien’s wife have any really good female friends?”   Gavin answers then inquires.     Emil thinks for a second. “As a matter of fact, she does.”   He nods, tears are beginning to dry a little as a slight breeze aids in drying up some of the tears.     “Well, that’s good.   You will need that. As bad as this is, which I can’t imagine for you.   But, the loss is so deep it must feel like a betrayal of life, now that I do understand.   But tomorrow the sun will come out again.   It will do three things.   It will first remind you that you are alive, because of the loss. Secondly, it will remind you when one life stops, the world continues. And thirdly, it will tell you how to live.”   Gavin holds out hope as he tries to e