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From, "Therapy On the Run"

      "... From the run on Saturday, September 1 st 2007....I come down into a valley.   The sun begins to rise.   It is now close to six o’clock as I approach the flattest section of the valley.   Looking right to the east, there is a calm lake with a mountain silhouetted by the sunrise.   There is swan on the moonlit side, floating on the water.   I’m aghast.   I stop my watch, standing still, I look around at both sides.   Seeing the mirror images of the sun to the moon, with some exceptions, they hang in the sky at the same level.   And my thoughts adrift, as I want to stand for just a little bit longer in the view.     I wonder, ‘ if the moon is still available or has she gone, never to be seen again in quite the same way.    I look to my left as I continue my run, and in the west is a mirror image of the east with one exception, the sky.       It’s as though the sky has the moon waving to me in all her bliss, as few stars still twinkle around her, as to keep the m

From, "Therapy On the Run"...

Chapter Twenty-Two The Glove of Heaven …As I approached the well-lit dam, more joy, and fascination ensued.   It was about five o’clock in the morning or close to that time.   The night sky appeared to encompass me like a glove of heaven.   It’s cool, crisp air embracing me so deep, I could feel it in through my eyes and in my blood.       I had heard deer leaping in the wooded areas surrounding the path I took.   Yet, I did not see one.   It was as if they were running beside me.   I actually have had a deer run with me as I ran, once.   It was miraculous:   Leaping deer…     It was early one morning.   This buck with a full rack, ran side by side not more than twenty feet from me, leaping over fences as if to keep up with me.   My friend, Brian McCourt, was running to my left and the buck was running in sync with us to Brian’s left.    This was for a good hundred yards.       Brian didn’t notice it till the end of the run with the buck.   Brian as usual, was

From "Therapy On the Run"...

     Comes to mind "On the Run", What is it inside me that pursues to right the wrong, to save, to love, to rescue, to comfort, to give hope, to hold together for others.   Is this from my Soul, my Creator?   Or is this ego driven?   I quite often feel mighty sure, and on track when I pursue a good idea or peace. When I pursue justice, there are so many feelings, and questions.   I become overly scrutinizing even, and especially with myself in the pursuit of trying to right a wrong.   There are times I despise myself for caring so much, because, it is tiring and tumultuous.   Yet I feel it would be dishonorable to not pursue justice when wronged or when others are wronged. Tom’s friend:     As the trial approached in early 1993 for the case of my abduction, sexual assault, and a host of other charges filed against my attacker, concerning the crime committed against me of August 1 st 1991.   Tom Fleming, my long distance and marathoning coach for the better part

From "Therapy On the Run"; Non-fiction

First Run of New Jersey For Charity 212 miles in 55 hours and 49 minutes. Raised $20,000. Chapter Eight You Can’t Run Through…     I was told a girl will never beat a guy in running, especially a girl like me with no talent.   Thusly, I won three races outright over the men and women later in life, in my early forties. A Fifty Miler in Detroit, on a mix of cross-country terrain in a wicked storm that produced tornados in the Midwest in November of 2002.       I won outright over men and women in a six hour trot till you drop trail terrain run in May of 2003.   I then won as a first time Mom. I won outright over men and women in a Twelve Hour Trot Till You Drop run in 2004.     I set the Twenty-four Hour Women’s Treadmill Record in 2005 at age forty-two, six months, two weeks and ten days old, for North America. At the time I was ranked second in the world until 2017 for that distance and timed type of a run, now as this book goes to press, I’m third in the world and st