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I'm Bringing Y’all to Reality

As Memorial Day approached this year, I thought of it as I have in the past. A solemn day. However, the past decade has made me take even more notice of that solemnity. Even as busy as I always am. I seem to reflect more when I run further, train more, watch our children mature, hike, walk, drive, and write more. That is what had and is still the reason I’ve gained more clarity to what Memorial Day truly is. Even as a child, I knew that Memorial Day was in Memoriam of those who served the US and gave it all. Yet, also to thank those who physically survived the traumas of serving and protecting our country.  Then, as my obligated time in the service wound down, I faced the others who saw it as a long weekend of great eateries, balloons, carnival-like celebrations, and such. Some adults get so shit-faced, being inebriated and having the inability to do most daily functions, especially ones like driving a car. And some insisted on doing so, and thankfully, most did not harm anyone or anyt

Peace Train

  "I've been crying lately, thinking about the world as it is."--- Cat Stevens I can say since I was at least eight, my heart has held a near hourly, daily, annual and perrenial ache in it. That ache nearly 54 years and counting has now turned into an ache of disgust. This whole set of current situations... most people are misguided.  Many adults are not grounded. And it shows through certain actions of today's youth. The youth have not all been taught history of many lands enough to be either anti, nor pro neither this or that of another's cultures or country's political situations, including their own. Too we adults have conveniently forgotten historical events. "...Why must we go on hating? Why can't we live in bliss?"--- Cat Stevens This protesting now, is Not comparative to The Vietnam War Era of protesting. Back then, during the Vietnam War Era the people of our country knew what we were protesting. And they knew how to protest. Today I

Dreams As a Child

  Things we desired as children depends on who you are, where you came from. Maybe the perspective you have or that which you were indoctrinated into. Too, it can be the time and place you were living in. I’ve thought back quite a few times over the past year about what I desired to have in my life. What I wanted to become. How I wanted to operate my life and so forth.   There were many reasons why the creativity of my mind was mostly able to be applied eventually in my adulthood. Primarily, I knew what I didn’t want. As well, I refused to limit myself to believing that we didn’t have choices. We do. It may not always be many. It may be two, but there they are. The choices are at the forefront of our future. I’ll start by listing some things I desired as a child. -I wanted stuffed animals in my bed. And a plethora of them. -I wanted to save animal’s lives. -I wanted to work the land. -I wanted to rescue the unrescued. -I wanted to be a philanthropist. -I wanted to be