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Excerpt from, "Therapy on the Run"

"Most items I've laid out on the kitchen table, early last night.  I practically have to carry so much stuff, that I need a packing list.  Running like this is...well, not a vacation.  But it's a like one due to the coordination of scheduling a strategic running route, a feeling of freedom, the packing list and the peacefulness I experience on many of my vacations in Vermont."

Excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan ...and The Liberated Woman"

"…As the blood and sweat meld together you never are aware of anything else but the fight.   I was too busy to notice I was even bleeding, and of course that was not the first time, neither would it be the last time that I didn’t know I was bleeding let alone damaged…"

Excerpt from, "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness"

"Then I heard her say, 'Jody-Lynn, I'm proud of you.  Come up here to get your report card'.   She smiled.  'Congratulations.'   I was stunned.  Handing me my report card, she continued, 'You did good.'   As she retained her smile and clapped for me.  I thanked her.  I had received all A's and one B, which was in Latin."

"Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman"

"...Phil replies as he sees me go to my pocketbook, ' Oh good.  I can see you now, as someone tries to mug you, you saying, Hold on.  I just have to put my mouth-guard in.  Now try and mug me' .     I respond, 'Yep. That would be me '.     Soon enough it was time for Josh to weigh-in..."     

Excerpt from: "Priceless in Changsha"

"...I get to the public bathrooms, and see the lady sweeping just inside the areas by the stalls.  I say, 'Yen, doi bu chee'.  In my broken Chinese.  More or less trying to explain money for you and I'm sorry .  While handing her the yen money.  I guessed at the charge.  I figured based on the New Jersey boardwalk, you put a buck or two in the basket as a tip for the ladies keeping the bathrooms stocked and clean."

Excerpt from, "Therapy on the Run"

"Much of our runs I'd remain silent, taking in her creativity, and hearing about her children and thoughts on parenting.  As her children finished up college, mine were just entering junior high.  By then Caytha had become so successful, that she now ambled back and forth between Hollywood and New York City ...the big town.  She'd made it..." American River Trail Auburn, CA..  April 2002 with Rae Clark the day before the American River 50 mile Trail Race...

Excerpt from, "Two Girls Talking and God Listening In"---Springtime, Book One

   "...  My inner dialog continued , ‘Perhaps, if I ran more, just to get tough again, the pain would dwindle, I'd just run, and limp through it.  I know I've tried that before, but not to the capacity of higher mileage, to act as if nothing is wrong with me.  I know what I'll do.  I'll run the rape course constantly during the week, I'll beat it with my feet.  I have to learn to go into the woods one of these days and just be there, just to realize I'm alive and everything will be okay.  I'm not hopeless."    Book One to be published Mid-Summer 2018.

Excerpt from, "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness"

"...For he knew me well enough.  He knew I was disciplined and well planned.  One day my husband, not knowing much about the men in the gym wanted me to inquire about what it would take to become a fighter.  He'd heard stories and had seen the changes in me.  Norman then wanted me to become a fighter.  I really felt I couldn't for a multitude of reasons.  But my heart was truly to be a fighter, and practically always had been."

Excerpt from, "Therapy on the Run"

"I exited the store's driveway, and off I ran, crossing 644, then going over the railroad tracks.  The sun beat down on me.  I glanced over to my left at the baseball and soccer fields.  I can't remember what game was going on, that is how quickly I turned my attention to the road."

Excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman"

   Chapter Nineteen:   "The Smack Heard Round the World:      "...Eventually, as time passed his life began to improve.  He regained a relationship with his children, primarily his son.  The man got his I.Q. tested.  Which I hoped would happen for him.      A few years later, one night, after he'd had gone through a life-altering experience.  We were in the cage working ground together, now at Phil's new big gym, Asylum Fight Gym in Ramsey.     We were working on me passing his guard.  We were drilling it, over and over again.  Finally he says, 'I got my I.Q. checked'.     I respond, 'Really?!  What is it?'     He replied, 'Ahhhh.  I'm kind of smart.  My son is too.'  He expresses a bashful, awe shucks look on his face, and body language shows his reluctance.     I ask,  'Com'on. Tell me! I bet it is real high.'     He responds,  'Yeah, I guess 157 is.  My son's is higher.'  He smiles, as he shakes his head.

Excerpt from, "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness"

    "Just as I finished, a young man standing outside the room entered.  He'd been in the audience.  Somehow, security didn't catch him.  He found his way back to our area.  He wore glasses, baseball cap, opened zippered sweatshirt, t-shirt, jeans, stood about five foot nine inches tall, seemed lean, clean cut and about twenty-seven years of age.  A regular guy.     He looked at Chris sitting on the couch.  Holding out his hand, he shook Chris' hand.  He said, 'Hey, you did good tonight.  It was so great that you stepped into the cage and fought.  I know you got injured.  But I gotta tell you, my parents...'  He shrugged and paused for a moment.  'My parents really hate this stuff.  Fighting.  But tonight they came with me to watch with me.  And they saw you, they thought you were the coolest thing.  I'm sorry what happened to you.  But I think you're cool.  And my parents thought it was great... my parents can't get over you.  Thanks'.&quo

Excerpt from: "Therapy on the Run"

"As free as I may feel as I run at times, my conscience follows me everywhere I run.  There is no escaping it.  A person can remove themselves from what they think is someone else's problem; later only to find out, even if it wasn't their problem it was their lesson, and it will keep following them until they work at their reaction to it, such as embracing the fallible."

"Therapy on the Run"

Excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman"

"After the eighth round, I wonder if I can handle any more pressure especially Phil's increasing pressure in having me in his scarf position.  I'm afraid I might have to tap something as simple for fear.  I might not have the mental fortitude to believe I can breathe through the pressure Phil applies."

Excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman"

"Two guys from the last tournament recognized me. One young twenty-two year old man I'd grappled with at the Grappler's Quest five weeks earlier, smiled and said, 'Hey come here. Sit with us'."  He motioned to me, then continued, 'This is the lady I fought and I told you guys about.  She's my Mom's age'."

Excerpt from, "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness"

"Those days, and the day of the speech and demonstration at Westchester Medical Center, I never thought those doctors would listen to me.  But they did.  And in doing so, with their professor and their open minds, created a sense of belonging in me that touched my soul."

Excerpt from, "The Endurance Athlete's Guide To Nutrition"

"To start, I prefer real food over endurance and energy/replacement bars. EG's are fine for four hours or less of aerobic activity...."

"Therapy on the Run"

Goober the Czechoslovakian Schwittzlebutt...

Excerpt from, "Reaching God's Perfection . ..Stories of Gratefulness"

"Kimmie held the bicycle up and asked me to get on it. The little  blue bicycle  I'd  avoided  now since spring seemed untouched, I got on it. Kimmie said, "I'll hold the back, you pedal."  So I complued.  I began to move forward , and wobbled, Kimmie caught me.  We restarted. Again Kimmie repeated, "I'left hold the back. You pedal."  We moved forward, I made it ten feet, I wobbled and half fell...

Excerpt from "Reaching God's Perfection ...Stories of Gratefulness "

"By  April 1970, training wheels were off. And so as usual I ran and walked everywhere, to avoid needing my two-wheeler.   I figured, there are many ways to skin a cat. When my brother Don and his friends rode  their bicycles to 7-eleven, I ran and walked  there to meet them.... The only time I didn't was if my brother needed me for ramp jumping.  I was his side show..."

Excerpt from "Therapy on the Run"

"The first few years I got to know Dante, he liked running in southern Jersey, by the Manasquan Resevoir and beach areas.  Dante had been first American to cross the finish line in the Trans-American race across America 1994.  The race was run in stages of racing in sixty-four days...In the late spring and summer of 2001 Dante had me running nearly every weekend with him down in the Manasquan area, and through the sand dunes and the pine gardens of New Jersey..."

From, "Two Girls Talking and God Listening In"

"...I've lived outside the shell; the pain is numb.  When I go back inside the pain is harrowing.  When I run sometimes it stops it, yet, many times the pain and torment are even deeper to the point that if I were to stand still I fear I would die.  But yet when I run, the pain increases on every level, and I can accept it when in more movement. These are feelings that ebb and flow with the thoughts of the cruelty of people.  I swear at God and ask him, "How can you stand us?"

From "Two Girls Talking and God Listening In"

..."A wake up up call of cold air smacked me in the face, as I ventured outside.  My adrenalin rushed as I made my way over to the baggage truck. It was still a raw thirty-three degrees farenheit outside.  I shivered as I shed some clothes off.  Now bare-legged, wearing racing flats, and my singlet on underneath a thin t-shirt, I jogged a bit.... I thought to myself, 'I'll stay with Ella.  The road is a sheet of ice.  Maybe when we get to Detroit it won't be like this'." August 1996, Lunch after the Crim Ten Mile Race in Flint Michigan.

Priceless In Changsha

"...She sleeps even as she swallows Gatorade through the night.  A half ounce, one ounce, two ounces, each time.  It varies.  Then she gives some refusals.  I respected them, I knew it might not be healthy to push the issue, yet I'd bring it right to the edge..."

Excerpt from "Therapy on the Run"

"...As the trial approached in early 1993 for the case of my abduction, sexual assault, and a host of other charges filed against my attacker...Tom Fleming, my long distance and marathoning coach for the better part of nearly twelve years, brought in his friend Rich.  Rich a lawyer I'd met before, now entered Tom's running store..."

Except from: "Therapy on the Run"

"...Christmas had arrived and I had survived another year to experience all of it.  And a little perk.  I got to see Mom and Dad together with us like it was a Sunday and Dad could relax.  I could be the witness to this and enjoy it, at least till around eleven in the morning.   Then we'd like into Dad's truck and drive up to Norwalk, Conneticut, where my paternal grandparents resided...Finally, Dad opened the front door to my parent's bedroom.     And in a slow methodical voice, sounding like Eeeorye from Winnie the Pooh, he stated, 'You probably figured out what we got you for Christmas'."

Author Jody-Lynn Reicher is also on Facebook and You Tube

Jody-Lynn Reicher, who started running in 1976, served in the U.S. Marines in the early 1980's. She went on to become a marathoner setting her sights on Olympic level running. After tragedy struck in 1991, she ended up having spinal fusion surgery which diminished her goal of Olympic marathon racing. She thus went into ultra-marathon running, changed her career from finance/accounting to provide massage therapy and bodywork for medical purposes. She currently also is ART certified since 1997 as well. She deals primarily with pain patients, and injured athletes in her therapy business.  Jody-Lynn in changing her type of running to accommodate her physical damage then became a Badwater Ultramarathon Veteran, three completions of the original course 2002,2004,2005. She is currently still running, and is also currently working on a revision of her first book "The Endurance Athlete's Guide to Nutrition" originally published June 2006. In 2004 she set up a charity venue.

"Therapy on the Run"

"...My left foot pained me quite often, as that was the foot that was the weakest and turned in the most, and flopped when I was tired.   My hamstrings were a-bug-a-boo.   Injuring them quite often through the first fifteen years of running many times over.   Little did anyone know, I had malformations in my lower spine, and was born without the L5-S1 disc in my lower back..."                                       Pittsburgh 100K March 2001, first Ultramarathon Race.