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Constant Forward Motion

  There’s a saying that my ultrarunning coach, Dante had said was important to remember. “Constant Forward Motion”, also known as “CFM”.  It’s closing in on four years since your passing. I’m uncertain if you’ve been able to take it all in Norman. So, here goes… So, after the funeral our minivan was about to hit the dirt too. Noises erupted in her that day after your funeral. Thank God you purchased your last new car just months before that. Stick shift alrighty, I knew you not only meant that for you, but for me as well. You knew the kids wouldn’t try to drive that sucker. LOL. The next day, I called our mechanic who suggested to get a used Toyota Corolla for our oldest. Randy looked it up for me. He misses you too, by the way. It was a good deal for certain. And two days after your funeral we put money down on a used Corolla, a sweet car for Sarah. I knew you’d begin to get alarmed as Sarah increased her workload for the summer to as much as fifty-five hours a week between two jo

The Non-Peace

A nd the war rages on. It's about free-will. Something we are entitled to, but many disregard due to their non-thinking insecurity.  As we enter another state of non-peace. Worries are eschewed by men who hold high regard for themselves.  Those that truly desire peace have little say in humanity.  Protests are also mishandled nowadays by the protestors. Yes they are. No one reads, no one studies, no one ponders, they follow after reading a blurb or two, watching a video or two. Believing what they desire to be the truth. People mishandle their own intelligence. A gift they toss into the abyss, with the fake, lying, inexcusable apology of 'I didn't know...'. Many times in my life, now heading towards its seventh decade. Since I could remember, I'd ask the internal question,. 'But who are we anyway?' Humans have dominion over land, smaller things that never speak. And when they do, we aren't listening. A doe calls out to her fawn. Few of us hear this.