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From "Power in the Shadows"

Who Knew First Car It was May 1980. My parents had been separated for quite some time. Very little money was coming in. My brother had left home, living elsewhere. My little sister was just age four and I had received my driver’s license just two months prior. I was in my senior year of high school and was to graduate in about a month. My mother told me it was time for me to get a car. I had only one hundred dollars to spare. Mom told me that she had a hundred dollars to donate to me getting my first car. I’d pay her back, I promised. She paid the car insurance that I was an add on to as well. So, I paid my mother’s three hundred   dollar a month mortgage every month till I went into the Marines many months later.   Then threw in what ever money I had ever saved before I left for Marine Corps Bootcamp. We were pinching pennies, as my mother worked two jobs, I was finishing school, my sister was in day care when both of us were at work and school simultaneously. She really


DUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On my fifteenth birthday in October 1977, my Mother went into the hospital.  We really didn’t know when she would return. I knew how sick she was, and my Dad had just found out.  He was a man who really didn’t pay attention to much outside of himself. My Mom was reserved, conservative and quiet. Often unassuming.  By age eleven, I was my Mom’s confidant.  I heard everything.  I listened, prayed and gave advice quietly to my Mom. There were three of us children in the family. My brother two years my senior and my sister thirteen and a half years my junior.  I was the ‘built-in’ babysitter as Mom said it. Since my brother and I had school and some extra curricular activities after school, my Dad got my parent’s Accountant, Jack Shea’s wife to watch after my little sister who was aged eighteen months at the time. I would otherwise clean, cook and care for my little sister before and after school. About four weeks after my mother had been admitted into

Piece from "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness"

“Your shirt please.”   … “Okay, Here’s My Jacket Too.” “God has not called me to be successful.   He called me to be faithful.”---Mother Theresa I started to write this book because of my life experiences and the effects I saw others had on me, during my life. But especially, one particular woman, influenced me even more:   Nina Bovio.   Nina has been my closest, one of two real female friends of my adult life.   I really never had a friend who I could rely on like Nina, ever.   A woman who lives 600 miles away from me.   I in New Jersey, Nina in Michigan. Here is this woman with so much love to give everyone, yet she’s a mother of six and a grandmother of twelve as this book goes to press.   Yet she finds time to write me two to five times a week, rarely less. It’s depending on what she feels I need.   Since her youngest was about eight she’s been working twenty-five to thirty hours a week with the handicapped, the mature aged, the terminally ill, and other peopl

Piece from, "Power in the Shadows".

In the animated, Christmas movie, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, one of the elves named Hermey no longer wants to make toys. Hermey has found a new passion.   He has begun studying dentistry. The head elf his boss, questions him.   He announces to the other elves working, “Hermey doesn’t want to make toys!” All the elves present repeat the line to each other in sequence, as they wonder why Hermey doesn’t like to make toys.   The query from his boss and the other elves, is inspired as they think all elves, especially Santa’s elves are born just to make toys, and do chores referring to Santa Claus and Christmas celebrations. However, it’s not what they think. It is not that Hermey despises making toys for children.   Nor is it that he despises being one of Santa’s elves. Neither is it that he doesn’t love Christmas.   It is because he has found a book of interest to him on dentistry. Hermey realizes that Santa’s Castle and Village at the North Pole doesn’t have a dentist.   And

"It's Hard to be Brave"

It’s Hard to be Brave…Part One As I wake our children up before work, before writing, before training and before their school, it’s hard to be brave. I’ve learned in life most people aren’t brave.   I learned it early in life, and I’ve learned why it is hard to be brave. I knew it instinctively. As if I were born to reckon with it. I can recall the very first memory of visual fear, it was on a sunny, summer, late afternoon July 1966. I wasn’t quite four years old yet, but I had a sudden sense of fear. I looked on as two of my family members in front of another family member who appeared to have no fear presented an act he thought was presenting bravery.   Yet, his act was nearing a point of bullying. And to anyone else, it may not have been seen this way. But I knew it even at that young age. As I recall this particular day then; I realize his appearance of bravery arrived out of thinking he had control.   And if he didn’t have control, he controlled others with his fear. His bully

New Fiction series in progress, "The Divine Nine"

....At this point Zhou Rong is untouchable.   And Liu Chao Jian knows Chinese law. The chief of the detectives of the PRC law enforcement agency in Chongqing conveys this to the media.   There is outrage by the women in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.   However, it is quickly subdued in China and later in Hong Kong. The family of Zhou Rong is moved to a location near the Mongolian border for safety. The Taiwanese know there is nothing they can do about it either. As well, as they have been getting more involved in having ties to NATO, it is a too little too late to ask for assistance in the matter.     Liu Chao Jian knows that his wife and newborn first child are dead, and to him that has ended a chapter in his life of wanting to have a family.   Liu Chao Jian does not show his distraught feelings to anyone. However, Jen Lan Qi’s family worries for him. Over the next few months Wu Hua Feng encourages her son to forget about it and move on, “…find another woman”.   She callously states

Next New Fiction Series, due out January 2020...

From next new novel fiction series:     Five armed militia men walk in leaving two armed men at each doorway leading to the room where Jen Shi Yu is held in.   There are nine doorways. Four of the rooms hold makeshift cots for the other men of the militia off-duty and getting sleep. Of the ten remaining armed men six are posted in the courtyard of the academy and four are on the roof. The five men entering the room Jen Shi Yu is held captive in are, Zhou Rong, Lee Shuang, Li Tai, Chen Su, and Zheng Fan. Zhou Rong, his name means to thrive. As he approaches Jen Shi Yu tied down to the chair bruised and battered, her head hung low in exhaustion, as she knows what’s coming.   It’s obvious to Zhou Rong she has not given in. Zhou Rong takes the butt of his automatic rifle, a Beretta AR70/90, placing under Jen Shi Yu’s chin, slowly lifts up her head, her face mostly covered in blood. He steadies the butt of the rifle under her chin and says, “Look at me. Are you ready to tell us how many

Non-Fiction... "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness" Book Trailer

Tortured to Write... Part One...

Dwight Ritchie’s Death Inspired this tonight… After hearing of the death of Dwight Ritchie today on social media, I wondered what was the cause. What was it about his death after a sparring session. I wasn’t there, so I can’t imagine whether it was multiple hits, prior to his death. It was reported that his death was related to his taking a body-shot in a sparring session. He apparently walked back to his corner and then eventually collapsed. Dwight Ritchie was unable to be revived, then he passed. I didn’t think to look back and see the history of how long he’d been training in the ring.   I just knew he was a high-end professional boxer. Right there that tells me enough that he knew what he was doing. Or at the very least, he knew the consequences of what he was doing. Thoughts ran through my head today, as I went about my daily life of a non-regular work day. A day I would train, watch our oldest daughter’s volleyball team’s match against another opponent. A day I woul

"Bought and Sold"...Poetry for the day.

Bought and Sold We gained a length With Spirit’s strength, Our future not foretold. Our children wonder, Their rights fall asunder, Wrong minds of ‘ oh so’ old. We pull to left, Then to right, Seems freedoms lost its hold. Our crazed and greedy, Won’t feed the needy, As it will leave us dark and cold. We must step back, To thwart greed’s pact, For tarnished is our gold. Before more bleed, Society’s read, As we’re being bought and sold. ---Jody-Lynn Reicher

I still run... "I am the Impossible. I'm Possible"

                                              "I am the Impossible, because I'm Possible" On October 27 th , 1985 I finished what was my second completion of the 26.2 mile distance known as the marathon. That’s nothing novel these days, and neither was my time of 3:03:58, placing First New Jersey Woman and 51 st overall in the Women’s division. My previous 26.2 miler was a 3:30:57 on October 23 rd , 1983.  The dates are significant, and my being able to run on the two legs that weren’t supposed to accomplish it were, for a few reasons. First, the dates:      In October 1985, my Dad’s Mom, known to me as Nana suddenly took ill. A woman who’d not been in the hospital in the past, but to deliver babies perhaps. It was touch and go the week leading into October 27 th that year. And I came from a family that expected you to be there for the family, especially as a young woman. For some reason, I blocked it out of my mind.  She died days later, after the marathon.