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Next New Fiction Series, due out January 2020...

From next new novel fiction series:
    Five armed militia men walk in leaving two armed men at each doorway leading to the room where Jen Shi Yu is held in.  There are nine doorways. Four of the rooms hold makeshift cots for the other men of the militia off-duty and getting sleep. Of the ten remaining armed men six are posted in the courtyard of the academy and four are on the roof. The five men entering the room Jen Shi Yu is held captive in are, Zhou Rong, Lee Shuang, Li Tai, Chen Su, and Zheng Fan. Zhou Rong, his name means to thrive. As he approaches Jen Shi Yu tied down to the chair bruised and battered, her head hung low in exhaustion, as she knows what’s coming.  It’s obvious to Zhou Rong she has not given in. Zhou Rong takes the butt of his automatic rifle, a Beretta AR70/90, placing under Jen Shi Yu’s chin, slowly lifts up her head, her face mostly covered in blood. He steadies the butt of the rifle under her chin and says, “Look at me. Are you ready to tell us how many are in the strong hold on Hong Kong Island? Who are your leaders?  And how many?” As he says this Chen Su and Lee Shuang put down their rifles and begin to unfasten their belts, after disembarking their buttstock holders on a nearby desk next to their rifles. Jen Shi Yu’s insides are horrified, yet she appears subdued. She would rather be dead than to have to go through this, yet she knows death will arrive soon after this next line of torture or rather rape.
    If they don’t kill her, she will finish the job, so there are no answers. And as well, so her mother Zhang Xiang Yin, now living in Taiwan will not have to know what actually happened to her daughter. For her four brothers would want vengeance and that would as well break her mother’s heart if anything were to happen to any more of her children. Bad enough her two sisters are now dead; both raped and murdered.  One was pregnant with Jen Shi Yu’s first niece what would have been her mother’s first grandchild. One sister, Jen Lin Ru was living on mainland China, as a journalist. Her murder was directed by none other than the current Prime Minister of China. The other sister, Jen Lan Qi was visiting and got in the way, trying to protect Jen Lin Ru in her apartment in the city of Chengdu, Sichuan Province in mainland China.
    As the two men begin to unzipper their fatigues, an odd noise, such as a sound of a whipping or a slicing through the air, a few gasps and then thuds heard heavily hitting the floor. Zhou Rong tilting his head, looks over at Zheng Fan, he nods. They walk over to the door as Li Tai holds his rifle at Jen Shi Yu in a threatening manner; then Chen Su and Lee Shuang approach her with their trousers now open, genitals showing. Zhou Rong speaks Chinese, as if to check on the men, who were guarding the door.  A voice comes back answering in Chinese.  The two men look at each other as they go to unlock the door.  The one person who knows the voice is Jen Shi Yu. Jen Shi Yu is about to be raped and she whispers, “Dammit more lessons needed Trin. Crazy Bitch…”  Jen Shi Yu’s voice trails off.  Chen Su and Lee Shuang pay no mind to Jen Shi Yu’s whispers. As they untie her feet, leaving her hands secured behind the chair that her body rests in. As tired as she is, she knows to ‘possum’ till she finds an angle to escape. She has calculated it is a twenty-three point one two five chance to one that she escapes and makes it out of the room alive. Yet, it’s a one in forty-nine point seven five chance she makes it out of the academy grounds safely as well. Jen Shi Yu works formulas when she’s nervous. Her captors have no clue that she is a math mensa with a one hundred sixty-seven IQ.
    Zhou Rong nods his head, holding his AR70/90 with his left hand. Zheng Fan glances at him, then lifts up his rifle, nozzle pointing at head height. As the door is about to be opened, a sliver of a machete pokes through. Zheng Fan fires, yet the nozzle of his rifle he once held steady is lifted up as it fires. The machete blade comes down into Zheng Fan’s face and then across his clavicular and sternal heads, severing both his subclavian veins on either side of his neck. Zheng Fan crumples to the ground, eyes still wide open, even as death arrives. Now the door is fully open as Zhou Rong has released his hold on the door, struggling to pull up his Baretta AR70/90 into position to fire upon the intruder. Jen Shin Yu awaits Zhou Rong’s defense as Li Tai turns his head looking onto the bloody scene, Jen Shi Yu upkicks Chen Su in the face with her right heel, breaking his nose; simultaneously as her left foot lands on the butt of Li Tai’s AR70/90 swinging it lazily around. It accidently fires, hitting Lee Shuang in the crotch as he sustains multiple gunshot wounds, and Chen Su is shot in the right hip and thigh. Thus, throwing him to the ground in bone shattering anguish.  What is seen by Li Tai is a zaftig, silky, feminine, black, mass, now taking a machete to the man who’s survived with many superhuman escapes from death, only to lose an eye ten years before, killing those assailants who maimed him.  Zhou Rong finally can no longer fire his weapon. The slices of the machete have hit his right axillary area and his left long thoracic nerve lining the side of his ribs, as it cuts across and traverses his abdominal wall only to twist and stop at his upper right thigh, then the final slice hits Zhou Rong’s right femoral artery. Zhou Rong becomes limp, landing, and slouching; then crumbling to the ground in a pool of his own blood. His weapon is released from his grip, upon his final death seconds later. Before Li Tai can defend himself, the machete slayer pulls a dagger from her belt with her left hand and whips it at Li Tai.  The tip of the blade lands squarely at the throat, splitting Li Tai’s thyroid cartilage with such force, that only the handle of the six inch blade can be seen. “Trin!!!!” Jen Shi Yu, battered yet more alive shouts to her friend.
    Trinity S. Ollennu the machete wielding goddess from Ghana walks over and pulls the dagger out of Li Tai’s throat to cut the straps holding Jen Shi Yu freeing her. “We better get. I came alone. I didn’t want to risk anyone else getting killed.”  Just then Trinity and Jen Shi Yu hear a fire fight. It sounds like it’s coming from the courtyard. The two women escape the room, as they run down the hallways, they pass the machete hacked men laying in a mix of their own blood and that of the other man who’d been hacked with them blood coagulates together. “Holy Crap!” Jen Shi Yu announces as the two run.


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