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Excerpt from, "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness"

    "I gave them a month's notice when I knew I was leaving to go into my own business.  One day in my last week working for them, Jim Sullivan, a tall, lean, and fit man, peered over the top of my cubicle.  Jim said, 'Jody we're going to need two people to fill your position.'  I looked up and laughed saying, 'Oh Mr. Sullivan, that's not true. Really?'     ...He had a serious look on his face, only a slight hint of a grin.  He continued, 'Yes.'  He looked at me and shook his head.  I felt bad, yet I knew I had to move forward with my plans..."

Excerpt from, "Therapy On The Run"

    "By this time, the entire run is almost a complete blur.  I have seen so much in so little time.  I can't even comprehend it.  I think to myself...'Now this is why I don't overindulge much.  This is so intense for me.  It's like you just forgot that you ate five pounds of chocolate in one sitting.  Then you'd be too high.  Knowing me, I'd probably puke after one pound of chocolate.'     ...Soon I arrive at the point where again I see no end in sight..."

Excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman"

    "Thursday night he gets home from work and says, 'I know what happened to you.  I was speaking with Brian, the teacher that's fought MMA in Atlantic City.  You have a broken nose.'     I respond, 'Well, how'd you figure that out?  Sure took a while.  The kids knew Tuesday morning'."

Excerpt from, "Two Girls Talking and God Listening In"

    "...Thanks for answering my questions on your 200 mile week. I hope that your Tibialis Anterior is healed?     Thank you for teaching me about what you have learned about yourself. It is amazing how our minds react to trauma and then how our body takes the directives from the mind. Our bodies are powerless if our minds are powerless. We must always simplify. And we must focus on one goal, dream, or plan, at a time with no distraction. And we must be patient and flexible. And, we must "let go" of all negatives; focus on positive."---Nina

Excerpt from, "Priceless in Changsha"

    "...This occurred before the swearing in at the U.S. consulate on the island of Guangzhou next to our hotel, The White Swan .  After our adoption papers were finalized, we were all exhausted.  The other two couples and ourselves decided to have dinner together..."

Excerpt from, "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness"

    "...Afterwards my lieutenant colonel came by.  He was a short, fit, older man five feet six inches tall.  He came walking through all the men.  He told me to be at ease, and looked me straight in the eye and said, 'So you passed.'  I responded, 'Yes, Sir.'  He then said, 'Only twelve made it.  You did good, Marine.'  I thanked him.  He walked away, and exited the area."

Excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman"

"...Don says, 'You look like you're ready for more.'  I respond, 'Can I do another one tonight?  That was really fun.'  We laugh.  Sazoff does nor appear so happy.  I couldn't read her..."

Excerpt from, "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness"

      "...As I drove home from work near seven o’clock this one evening, about a half-mile from my home, I saw cars lined up along the streets. It was late June, graduation day for high schoolers in the town I work in, and in the town I live in. I thought to myself, How sweet. How wonderful. These young adults and their parents have reached a pinnacle they’d all worked for and been awaiting.     I felt a joyful feeling for them as I slowly passed cars parked lining the side streets. And I saw a pretty, dark, long-haired girl with a beautiful red dress on. I could tell she picked it out just for this day. Her mom and dad walked on either side of her. It was so wonderful. I know and understand that feeling of accomplishment as a child. But my children were still too young to be graduating from high school. My thoughts would be, that the parents are feeling such joy as well."

Excerpt from, "Two Girls Talking and God Listening In"

   "...Actually I had him read the paragraph you wrote about being aggressive and never backing down. Parents have profound effects on children. None of my kids are quitters because they see my persistence. Sometimes, many times, I feel that to quit could be intelligent...just as you always hear the phrase, "to be vulnerable is strength." I am never vulnerable. As a result, I suffer some pain."---Nina

Excerpt from, "Therapy On The Run"

    "Yet, running for me changes all that.  Running has kept me from hiding from the beauty of heaven, the madness of life, and the unthinkable of hell..."

Excerpt from, "Therapy On The Run"

    "...When he arrived, I had just finished up with a client.  After they parted I went to hug him.  As we hugged, I noticed something.  He was empty.  The spirit had left him.  I felt death in the embrace.  No one knew it then, but I felt the cancer when I touched him..."

Excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman"

    "...Finally, it's time to weigh in.  I wait for my name to be called.  And when it is, I strip, fast like never before.  I'm thinking, 'STEAK!'  My body is breaking down, it's shaking as I strip..."

Excerpt from "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness"     "It is such a pleasure being able to parent.  It is such a pleasure to watch new life grow, learn, and play.  I wouldn't trade it for the world."

Excerpt from, "The Edurance Athlete's Guide To Nutrition"

    "...As we ran, trying to find a running trail off tghe roadway, the sun peeked in and out of the clouds, and it got better.  After twenty miles with Dante (fifteen for Tom) or so, we ran into eight other runners going our way, who lived in the area.  Two of the runners saw my empty water bottle.  Dante had four ounces left and Tom had none....No fountain..." Soon to be edited once more and revised.

Excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman"

    "...We had another opponent and as I was totally healed within ten days of the fight, Phil and I knew I was ready.  The new opponent, all of a sudden we realized she'd not been posting or chatting about this fight.  About three days before the fight, the coach announced that she had pulled out.  There was no reason given.     By this time, we had about eighty-six people pull out of I don't know how many fight offers..." Second Ground Tournament, Eighth Match.  First Tournament Fighting Men.

From "Two Girls Talking...and God Listening In"---Springtime

    "...When can I fly again, higher than before? There are many lives in life we live, if we don't allow it. We can extend our lives beyond years and cancel them unknowingly. We can commit suicide without consciously attempting it. We can be dead while we're physically alive if we choose, if we know better."

Excerpt from, "Two Girls Talking...and God Listening In"---Springtime

"...On October 18th, 1992, I met Jody-Lynn Reicher on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit.  Jody had just completed the Detroit Marathon, placing sixth for women in 2:58:26.  At the moment we met, I knew nothing about Jody.  I was with my friend Joan, whom I thought, knew Jody, so the three of us walked and talked to the Marriott in Ren Cen.  Jody talked about getting a cab to the Detroit Airport.  I offered to drive Jody..."

Excerpt from, "Two Girls Talking and God Listening In"

    "...Success is the ability to stay with a goal, learn from the pitfalls, yet never quit... never stop focusing. Jody, if you visualize running a marathon in a certain time, then you can do it. Hope and dreaming are parallel. It is instinctive hope; to dream. If we give up hope, we die...spiritually... and, physically if our bodies are close to death. Hope is not tangible..."we cannot see hope," as you wrote. But we can see goals. And we can achieve tangible goals..."

Excerpt from, "Priceless in Changsha"

"...We arrived in Paramus and we rang Mom’s doorbell.  She opened the door and I held the information behind my back, with the pictures we got.  She hugged and kissed Norman and then she smiled and said, “So what’s new?”  Norman as she was kissing me said so casually, “We got our referral today.”  I then as she was hugging me pulled the items from behind my back and showed her.  She at first was trying to act surprised, but when she saw the paperwork and pictures her response was priceless.  “Oh, Oh!”  Shaking holding the information and pictures in her hand.  “Let’s go sit.  I need my glasses. Oh, my God!”  She was crazy.  She was near laughter and crying. I’d never seen her so happy in the near twenty-two years I’ve known her.  She put on another pair of glasses..."

Excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman"     "I'm up off the stool before time is up.  She's still seated.  I hear a noise, it lets me know they want us to get ready for the third and final round.  And then before I know it we're at it again, fighting..."

Excerpt from, "Therapy On the Run"     "Caytha continued, "They are in our temple.  And they said that a woman was out running, and she stopped for them.  This lady out running ran right up their driveway and stopped her husband and her father from going back into the house, and she even stayed with them till the police and fire trucks came, and asked if we were okay.  She comforted us..."

Excerpt from, "Priceless in Chansga"

    "We sometimes, perhaps deny the deeper feelings.  We do not take on the depth of how important the existence of every life is.  Life appears to become cheap."     "China is not alone in this predicament.  Every society does it.  It is blatantly obvious to some in certain ways.  And anyone could feel superior.."

Excerpt from, "Two Girls Talking and God Listening In"---Springtime     "Your letter was great...writing a long sincere letter to me, someone you barely know. I feel flattered. In light of your trust in me with your aspirations, I will attempt to do my best to motivate, support, and encourage you. I thrive on supporting others and giving them the confidence required to succeed. The mind is a powerful tool. My childhood was different than yours. To tell you about my childhood would take hours. To survive the negatives, I learned the strength of the mind. I learned to turn negatives into positives. I learned attitude, and reaction to trauma was essential to survival. We must all look at every situation, take the best out of it, discard the pain, and learn strength, courage, laughter.      Success is the ability to stay with a goal, learn from the pitfalls, yet never quit... never stop focusing. Jody, if you visualize running a marathon in a certain time, then y

"The Running Room" (A Short Story...Non-Fiction) The Running Room (written in 2008)     It was mid-December 1988 when I entered “The Running Room” shoe store.  I had just turned twenty-six two months earlier.  I brought three years of running logbooks with me.  My hope was that the man who was in a New Jersey running magazine recently, was present in his shop.  The magazine article was an interview with this runner who’d won the New York City Marathon twice and place second in the Boston Marathon four times.  He now was coaching.     As I stood at the front counter a bit intimidated, not knowing if this guy would blow me off or welcome me.        He was finishing up with a customer.  “Hi,” he said, making eye contact.      I began, “Well I bought a pair of running shoes from you in March and uh, well I, uh saw the article on you in ‘New Jersey Running’ Magazine.  And saw that you coach.  I’ve been self-coached for over eight years.”      He responded, “

"Taxidermy John"---A Short Story

#57... 01/28/04  Taxidermy John One summer morning in 1990, I got up earlier than normal to buy the Sunday paper at a local 7-11 for my husband, Norman.  I figured on my way back from running practice I’d pick up Bagels and make a big brunch for us.  The day started out very hot and humid.  The sun was a typical July sun in New Jersey.   I drove from my apartment in Haledon to a 7-11 just over the border in Wayne for the paper.  Upon getting out of my car, in front of the store was a cardboard box.   As I approached the front door, I saw a little kitten in the box.  I looked around.  There appeared to be no one in sight.       I called into the store from the front door.  The man behind the counter said it wasn’t his.  Actually he seemed a bit annoyed that I asked.  The other two customers were men near the counter.  They looked at me like I was nuts and had no response and no concern.  The kitten was in the worst place. The sun bared down on the little thing right into her eyes

Excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan... and The Liberated Woman"

"...The muscular weight-lifting man in the gym basically now decides he wants Phil to try a leg kick on him.  Phil asks the man if he is certain about this.  The muscular weight-lifting man says, 'Yes '.  Seemingly figuring, ' How could someone smaller than I, hurt me by kicking my thigh?'     The muscular weight-lifting man asks for a demonstration from Phil.  Phil being a kind, logical, and a complying individual, obliges.  Phil addresses the man, making certain the weight-lifting man is ready for the leg kick..."

Excerpt from: "Taxidermy John"...Short Story...

"...'What do you have here?' He asked, 'Well, I got here about ten to fifteen minutes ago, and I found this box with a kitten in it.  It was in the sun.  The cashier was nasty when I approached him on it.  I don't know what to do.  I live in an apartment, and I  can't have animals.  But i can't leave her here.  It just wouldn't be right.  I think she's blind.'  I shrugged.  He replied, 'Hey, you're the lady who runs by Tun Tavern.  I live there.' I responded, 'Oh yeah.  That's near the half mile point of the beginning of many of my runs.  What's your name?'  Shaking hands, 'I'm John.'  I reply, 'I'm Jody'.  We look down at the kitten..."