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Excerpt from, "The Pink Room" --a novel

    ...He found his mother crumbled on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood, she had been murdered.   It reeked of domestic violence, and his step-father was nowhere to be found.   It was 1947.        The owner, Edwaldo Sgroi was at work in the garment district in Passaic, New Jersey.   He had bought the two family home just after the war ended in 1945.   The rent was cheap.

Excerpt from, "How To Ruin a Pearl"

     Soon it was Monday after work and Jackie was torn, so she decided to call Crazy and ask if Tara could watch.   Joe was cool with it.   Jackie let him know that Tara knew nothing of the incident, so it was not to be mentioned.   Tara loved Crazy Joe’s essence and had no problem saying ‘hi’ to Jeannie the Blue Cedar Atlas.   Tara even hugged the tree.   And when Joe met Tara, he said Jeannie says ‘Thank you, for the hug.   You’re very generous.’   Which blew Tara away.     Tara watched Joe work with Jackie.   She was intrigued to say the least.   After session, the sisters said ‘ Good-bye’ and exited up the stairs to the black basement door to the outside parking lot.

Excerpt from, "Two Girls Talking...and God Listening In"

    "...You have all.the resources to overcome adversity. Patience..."---Nina Bovio

Excerpt from, "How To Ruin a Pearl"

...Crazy Joe is right, the world is against her.   No one will understand what she is going through.   No one wants to hear such realities of another person’s life, because ‘it won’t happen to them’ .     Jackie takes off her slacks and hangs them up, throwing on a pair of oversized shorts with a draw string, the tea water whistle blows.   She shuts off the stove and preps a cup for tea, bringing the tea to the kitchen table.   Jackie begins to write down questions for Crazy Joe’s next session with her on Monday.   She really didn’t think she was going to think of anything.   Yet, her mind is now bubbling with questions.   Her brain is thinking faster than she can write.

Excerpt from, "How To Ruin a Pearl"

    In contrast Margaret’s family was, “We are good Catholics…” They held to a high polly-anna standard, of showmanship with their church outings.      The more embedded they became in the church, the more they could cover up their sins of generations. The more they could  hide the relatives who left the church, even if they lived ten minutes away.

Excerpt from "How to Ruin a Pearl"--A Novel

    It didn’t seem to sound the way she thought it would.   It was a very whining sound as she pulled the bow across the strings, as she thought she’d seen it done before.   She paused as she felt she was being watched.     “Margaret what are you doing there?” Asked Uncle Kellen.     Margaret startled, “Oh, I want to play.”     Uncle Kellen asks, “It takes a lot more than making it whine.   Let me show you, Margaret.”     Margaret hands Uncle Kellen the violin and then the bow.   She watches as he appears to tune the strings. And he plays Czardas Hungarian Folk Song.    Margaret is mesmorized.   Now she knows she will play the violin, hopefully with the elegance of how the strings can dance through her fingers.

Excerpt from, "How To Ruin a Pearl"

    Detective Gallagher takes the manila folder and hands it to Detective Schultz.   Sgt. Smith and Detective Schultz depart with manila folders in hand. It’s now nearing eleven o’clock in the morning. Detective Gallagher says, “Okay, we are going to East Hanover Police Department.   Let’s see what they got on the car.”         Jackie responds, “Why didn’t you guys like stop doing that to me?   Do you not believe me?”     Detective Gallagher replies, “No. it’s not you. Drop it.   It’s fine.   You did good Jackie.”         Jackie sighs, “Thank God.”   Jackie shakes her head.     Detective Gallagher suggests, “Let’s get a cup of coffee.”     Jackie blurbs, “What James?   Is it your hour for donuts?”   She grins.   “Hey, I’m stressed out.   A stressed girl needs a Boston Crème Donut with Chocolate filling.   And besides, I’m your guest, I take it you’re treating.”       Detective Gallagher states, “You’re pretty funny.  You know that.  Yeah sure, I’ll get you a Bos

Excerpt from, "How To Ruin a Pearl"--- a Novel

    In the late summer of 1971 I was about to enter fourth grade.   I was eight years old that day.   The sky was a clear blue, the summer air was calm, we were in a high, with a slight breeze that blew west to east.           My mother stood before me and held in her hand, a book.   Mom stood 5’5” or so, hips, and shoulders with curves that killed.   Back then she had recognized something about me that I was uncertain of.   She held out a book, it was five inches in height by seven inches in width approximately.   The book was pink with gold lettering in script, written on an angle.   The word said, “ Autographs ” .         As she handed me the pink, hard, yet cushioned covered book to me; a second later she asked, “May I have it back?”          I wondered why, yet I slowly handed it back to her. After she received the book back from me, she then looked me in the eye and asked, “Is it okay that I write something in it for you?”        I responded, “Yes Mom.” http

Excerpt from, "How To Ruin a Pearl"--- a novel

     Jackie gently looked to see how to open the case, there was a key hole.   Yet, where was the key?   She wondered.   To the right of the case was an old, small, brown paper envelope about the size of a key.   She picked it up and shook it.   It sounded as if there were a few keys in the small, brown paper envelope.        Jackie gently opened the envelope, and pulled out one of the keys.   It looked ancient.

Excerpt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman"

    I felt that I now was cultivating the ultimate responsibilities a person could perform.  I had notified two local police departments. One I worked in and one I lived in.  Dr. Dan Schaefer had suggested I do so, to not only protect the community because we felt the man being released was someone who was a person who struck upon given an opportunity.  So in maybe becoming frustrated with not being able to get me soon enough, he may just go after a more unsuspecting new victim and then finish the job.     The phone call to Phil was the final piece that completed what I felt was necessary to protect our children, the community, and myself.

Excerpt from, "Therapy On The Run"

    I was told I was too slow.   I was told I had too many foot and hip issues.   I was told that I’d quit, because I was a girl.   I was told I’d grow out of it by end of high school, because I’d be a woman then.   And all I would want was babies, and being a wife and a mother.     I was told my knees would get destroyed by age thirty.   And I’d be an old lady by age forty, and I’d be all crippled.   All this was from the experts, doctors, people who called themselves sports-medicine specialists, relatives, and a variety of other adults.     My mom asked me one day when I was a fourteen, “So at what age do you think you can run till?”       I responded, “Oh, I don’t know. Sixty-five, maybe.”       She replied, “Yep.   I think so.”

Excerpt from, "Reaching God's Perfection...Stories of Gratefulness"

    ...No one ever knew this about me.  But when I played Basketball...I was a Right Tackle.  I learned how to tackle from the big guys.  Jim Otto.  Well, if you don’t know who Jim Otto was.  He played professional football.  He began around the time I was born.  He played for the Detroit Lions and then for the Oakland Raiders . I had to like him.       You see... at age seven when I was getting my 7-Eleven Slurpee, my brother and his friends got the last of the really cool plastic take home cups the slurpees came in.  And well, who ever you got.  That’s who you were.  Or who you had to admire.  I was not too happy I got someone I didn’t know. Jim Otto.  How does this fit into Basketball?  I’m getting there follow me...

Excerpt from, "Two Girls Talking... and God Listening In"

    After eating my brunch, and am completing my investigation of the mall a bit.  I am stopped as I approach the hotel lobby by a man in his early 60's.  He's not part of the hotel, per se.      He asks me, "Are you going to run tomorrow?"      "Yes."  I reply.      The man asks me, "May I talk to you about it, because, I've watched it other years before; but never really understood why or what type of person does this thing called a marathon."      To my surprise, as I'm a little leery, I reluctantly respond, "Well, what do you want to know?"      He replies, "Can we sit here in the lobby?"  He points to a set of plush white couches, where everyone can see us in the open.      I realize that this is a safe haven, odd, but safe.  As we approach the plush seats, I realize this man is lonely.  Some stubble appears on the man's chin and jaw line, he probably hasn't shaven within the last three d

Excerpt from. "How To Ruin a Pearl"--a novel

    There was about a fifteen minute lapse in time that Jackqueline could now see the clock on the far left corner hospital room wall.   Then the officer who had escorted her to the hospital came into the room with another doctor, Jackqueline had not yet met and two nurses and Janet.   They had to get her prepped for x-rays, even though there was apparently no other part of Jackqueline’s body they to physically examine. The doctor said, “We want you to have some x-rays, but we have to get that one earring in your left ear out.   Can you take it out?”         Jackqueline attempts to pull the post and earring out.  “Nope, it feels twisted.”

Excerpt from, "Priceless In Changsha"

    I knew Samuel was a good soul.  He just needed to know how serious we took this.  There was no replacement to us for any life.  You don't just exchange a life for a life.  Those are dire circumstances that I was unwilling to except unless it was something unfixable like sudden death.  Then care would be out of our control.  Then the unthinkable of having no choice would be present...

Excerpt from, "How To Ruin a Pearl", a novel.

    In contrast Margaret’s family was said to have believed and repeated at times, “We are good Catholics…”  They held to a high pollyanna standard of showmanship with their church outings. The more embedded they became in the church, the more they could cover up their sins of generations. The more they could hide the relatives who left the church, even if they lived ten minutes away.     They assumed the more you went to church, the more the sins were forgiven. The more you spoke with the priest, the less of a sinner you were...

Exempt from, "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman"

...Come June 4th 2008 after work I was at Phil's basement; from then on I ate, slept, and drank survival. We trained pens, knives, and the like. Most training were grabs, preparedness, positioning , and of course Phil found out my favorite thing to do during a criminal attack would be. Something most people would not like... I thought it better to bite off an ear, than hurting my hand punching a guy who may not even feel my punch. I reckoned taking off something like an ear. I was way cool with that...