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  Caged Decried He said you’ll just have to go without, it’s just the way it is. They didn’t hear their cries and pleas, to have a tithe of his. He said we’ll have to take your babies,   your fleeing is not what I want. They didn’t understand the mother’s plight, his money he did flaunt. Those territories are our ‘s’ holes, his lack of compassion did show. They gave the minion millionaires the break, all our money he did blow. They sat on stack of near 400 bills, as they went out and dined. The stock market rose going through throes, too busy pouring wine. They unabashedly believed they were the tougher, told the poor and middle to suck it up. Yet a heel spur crows, a father’s woes, honorable discharged days of thirty-seven tup. Yet their past shows that when it hit the dust, they ran to money of father. A tragedy upon us in form of virus, they all now too busy to bother. They unto others who were colored brothers, throwing them like trash to sea. We wonder why this sprig decried, leav

Put Some Lipstick On

                                                                                                                                                                     Put Some Lipstick On It was a time in the 1960’s when I was growing up. As I was taught,    that you didn’t demonstrate to the outside world how you really felt. You didn’t speak of illness, neither yours or either someone else’s. Nor were women’s health issues discussed, as well.    I’ll call it, “The Dark Ages of Life’s Unpleasantries”. As I grew up, I noticed no matter what, my mother always put on lipstick. She made certain her teeth were clean. Her hair was either brushed out nice or in a decorative kerchief. Her favorite was this lavender kerchief.    I actually dreamt about her wearing that lavender kerchief in some of my dreams as a child. By the time I was age six, my mother had started working part-time at our local drugstore. The owner, Sam loved her creativity. She did the Hallmark card merchandising. She was a