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In My Little Town

 "Nothing but the dead and dying, Back in my little town." ---Simon & Garfunkel 

Generation after generation families living in the same town over and over again is most likely not healthy. It's certainly not progressive. Especially, when the kids aren't encouraged to step out of their comfort zone to be around a variety of race, religion and cultures of people. When there's only been one political party offered for decades to be head of the town.

"In my little town, I grew up believing God keeps His eye on us all. And he used to lean upon me. As I pledged allegiance to the wall." ---Simon & Garfunkel 

Bigotry has been rumbling under ground, with Pollyanna smiles just feet above. But when the doors close the truth is at their dinner tables. It goes without a word spoken. A nod to a fascist phrase. Perhaps a giggle about a child different yet too smart for them.

"Coming home after school, flying my bike past the gates of the factory. My mom doing laundry. Hanging our shirts in the dirty breeze." ---Simon & Garfunkel 

Those who lack transformation of thinking hold stodgy beliefs which are questionable at the very least. They lead to believing liars who state what they and their ancestors have brainwashed them with for hundreds of years to believe. The faulty religious beliefs which they don't read, yet believe what they're preached to. It's the easy surgery. It's the pills they're told they need. They're told that they are to rule forever because they are the chosen color. And everything other than their color has no worth.

"Nothing but the dead and dying back in my little town." ---Simon & Garfunkel 

The stodgy old rule of the same, believe that the poor deserve to remain poor and don't deserve a good education. The privileged people who've held rule want to withhold proper Healthcare. They encourage lies and slavery. They don't accept they lost the war, or the election. They will do all to end people like me, along with anyone different from them and their views. By the way, they demand fairness but they themselves haven't played fair and most likely never will.

"And after it rains, there's a rainbow and all the colors are black. Its not that the colors aren't there. It's just imagination they lack..." ---Simon &Garfunkel 

Girls in my little town are sent to college to meet a boy and make their parents proud... Bestowing their parents with the title of grandparent. This overloads the world with under-supervised, unwanted children and dissatisfied adults who settle for less, then medicate to slowdown the dying they desire to have, but don't know it yet.

"Nothing but the dead and dying back in my little town. Nothing but the dead and dying back in my little town." ---Simon & Garfunkel 

If you hold more than one career at the time, staying fit, cleaning your own home, husband doing the outside chores. One or both of you attending your children's functions, fault is still found. The underlying despise that you don't coffee clutch, you don't hang with the 'ladies'. You have no posse. You have no leaning on for help. You do things quietly. You don't gossip, and you smile. You stand back from the playground whilst your children play and the moms chat in groups that you avoid. You know you are not wanted. You're tainted. 

"I never meant nothing, I was just my father's son. Saving my money. Dreaming of glory. Twitching like a finger on a gun." ---Simon & Garfunkel 

There's noone you can trust so you hold your tongue as you did as a child-girl also not desired for anything but cleaning and looking pretty. You were told girls are expensive. You secretly release to your Maker who needs to be stopped and how the country you willingly served needs to become more progressive. But you stand alone.

"Nothing but the dead and dying back in my little town. Nothing but the dead and dying back in my little town." ---Simon & Garfunkel 

And you know everyone else has their jealousies and everything is never enough for them. So you leave with your boldness, with only a prayer left in hopes your children have the fight to stop the madness of a treasonous traitor, who a party stands behind with their whiteness that is their identity of insecurity.---Jody-Lynn Reicher 


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