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How Do We Cure the World?

What have I surmised?

Since I can remember. Oh decades of memories. I remind myself of words read and those written. Things heard and things witnessed. I still ask, "How do I cure the world?"

Cure the world? Well, is the cure of hatred? Is it a cure of territorial wants or needs? What is the answer I'm looking for to cure the world of?

I ponder thoughts from different religious ideologies I've read or heard from acquaintances, passersby when I've asked them to tell me of their sometimes foreign to me experiences and understandings.

Throughout most religious books I've read, there is seemingly always some murderous conflict among us humans. Where does it come from? I ask. When does it stop? If ever. How does it stop? Or is all that murderous discontent supposed to just halt or continue on? Who stops it? Whose is it anyway?

Yes, my life does wander through all this thought in my everyday life. Now it has weighed heavy. It hangs on my mind, soul, wears my body down with a feeling of, "God can I just run into a cave and hide...rotting to death as the wars rage on? Or do I get my 'weaponry' or my training known ready and remain vigilante as I always have been for decades? Or do I stand in the middle and watch enemy upon enemy kill each other? Kill the innocent? Could I stay out of the way and watch all this? And shrug up to the gods and say, 'Their anger, not mine'?"

A few reasons I could come up with that angle is, I've been a pawn of other's lives. I've been trashed, used, abused by people who were strangers, government officials, people who were friends and people related to me. And I haven't fired back. Yet stood up some. Instead of firing back I've attempted love and understanding and then walked away quietly whether resolved or unresolved. I let them go. I can't forget, but I mostly can forgive. 

There have been times I just stood there and taken it on the chin, not letting anyone know what I really thought. How I truly felt. 

I've learned what to do with my rage. Why can't anyone else phantom what to do with their discontentment? I gather they haven't adulted yet. Where maturity lacks, hatred prevails.

People listen to and read the ideologies that fit their thinking. But most do not seem to step outside their box completely to unhate their rage. Neither do they question their learned behavior, even when shown a more peaceful path. Those same people are the enablers of hate, greed and anything that should be detestable in our world.

I became a Marine with the knowledge that there are bullies in the world who are hateful and never satisfied with anything they're given or they've taken. And freedom needs to be given, allowed and guarded by those who are willing. I am one of the willing. Yes, the blank check. I still feel that way. However, why do we not heed the warnings told in many religious books that '...We will hear of horrid things, wars and such. Which may or may not be true. Which may alarm us, raising our anxieties and so forth'.

If what we are hearing is true, which may be. How do we handle it as adults? Can we figure a way to cut through all the daily minutiae and cure the world? Or do we run into a cave and rot to death? Or do we stand on the sidelines and watch the killing of souls occur? Or do we bring peace? 

Who are the enemies of peace? How do we cure without killing, raping, maiming?

A true leader speaks of peace. A true leader does not hate. A true leader does not pit one against another. A true leader does not douse another's light because they are not in their purview of ideologies. A true leader gets along with their opposition to create equality for all people regardless of any differences---Jody-Lynn Reicher 


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