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Just when your kids think you can't fix something like the dryer hose. You prove them wrong. Today was the day. I hadn't been able to do my flexed arm hang, push-ups,  upper body weights, for 6 months. Today I did light weight routines after a short slow morning run feeling lousy at best. I wanted to get a load of wash started while I finished up a final day of raking leaves for the season.

As I went to turn my dryer on, which was accidentally left unplugged by my plumber, I had in on Monday. I think I distracted the poor guy with a talk on wheat grass... Follow me.
So today, I wondered what the rattle of the dryer was all about. In order to check it I had to move the dryer gently as to not disengage another line (gas) from the dryer. After I moved the dryer inching it slighty, because of the tight space (thank God I'm a lean 102 pounds.) I squeezed between the washer and dryer and figured out what the rattle was. The dryer vent hose which I thought was attached after I'd cleaned the dryer vent outside on Sunday, wasn't in place. 
I realized after I reattached the vent hose to the dryer that I had to do something I hadn't done in ohhhhh sooooooo long. It reminded me of the exercise on the parallel bars in a high school gym class about 45 years ago I'd done. That was to walk the parallel bars by hand, arms/elbows locked and hoisting your body weight straight up off the ground. Yet, this time I had to hoist my body up high enough so I was over three feet off the ground so my hips could clear my front load washing machine. Then I could sit on top the washing machine and be only a one foot drop to the other side and then push the dryer gently back into place.
I wondered if I should bring my phone if I got stuck behind the two machines. LOL😅. But seriously I thought of it. And I didn't think to unlock the front door, just in case i needed a neighbor to rescue me from behind the washer and dryer.
Then told myself,  'Have a little faith in your abilities.' Another scary thought. LOL.
Finally,  I got the vent hose reconnected.  I had to lift my body straight up keeping my feet and legs straight to not kick any lines or disengage the dryer vent hose I'd just reattached either. I then lifted my body with elbows locked I twisted my body to get one butt cheek up high enough to twist my one hip over the back of the washing machine. Then aim a gentle face plant onto the top of the dryer. Lucky for me I knew I'd probably take a face plant onto the dryer to get my body onto the washing machine, so I put a fluffy clean towel on top of the dryer. Now all I had to do was aim the important body parts into the correct locations.
Needless to say, as my mission was becoming successful I began to giggle realizing this would have made a great entertaining video. Oh well, next time.
Maybe I should wear a Go-Pro. I could possibly put this in one of my screenplay.
Remember if you ever get into this situation, have your cell phone on you,  just in case your kids are correct. If not, well then... We'll leave the light on for you.---Jody-Lynn Reicher 


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