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She Won't Go Away

From: "Not Exactly Don Juan...and The Liberated Woman"

Chapter Nine-She Won’t Go Away 

     Phil Dunlap began, “I told Scott Morgan of New Breed Fighters, ‘I think I have a fighter. In the last two months she’s broken her finger, comes back in for the next class. Then she breaks her nose. I set her nose. And then she stays for the rest of the class still and rolls. After that session she goes back to her office, and works.”  

    “Then she gets cauliflower ear, they stitched her ear. She came back to the next class. Then she breaks and dislocates her ribs sparring with Dan, keeps fighting till he nails her with a liver shot. Then she thinks she’s a wimp, because the liver shot stopped her. She goes to stand up, and the ribs pop out. She wants to stay and work. But she couldn’t move without pain. I told her that she was done for the night. She’s upset that she can’t get punched a while.”   

    Phil continues, “The next class she comes back in with an ace bandage, and says, ‘I ran fifteen miles this morning. It was a little rough the first five miles I had to get use to breathing into the pain. Thank God today was Saturday, not Friday because I could’ve only ran five miles after Thursday night due to breathing pain.’”  

    “She’s at most classes. She’s here Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. So the topper is, she comes in and has a mark on her arm. She asks, ‘What’s this?’ I let her know its ringworm. She asks, ‘What do I do?’ I tell her she can’t play in the gym till it goes away. She’s bummed.”

    “Now get this. She got rid of it in twenty-four hours. Yep. She told me that she put a towel in her mouth and poured bleach on it. She calls me and says, ‘I was so desperate. I think I killed it. You want to see it? I think it’s dead.’ She killed it in twenty-four hours with applications of bleach. I think I got a fighter.”


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