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What Happens in Social Media...


What happens in social media… Stays in social media. Social media is not exactly Las Vegas. I mean it could be. Perhaps some of us wish it were. And then we could walk around after doing, saying or implying something controversial or ridiculous in an open forum on social media. And maybe, no one would have any knowledge of our relationship to whatever appeared typed by us, liked by us, videoed of us. Or anything else that could get us fired, divorced, broken-up, shunned or anything other to the converse of the aforementioned verbs.

However, to a larger degree truth being, if our partners, friends, bosses—ehh hmmm, future bosses are watching those social media platforms we’re in for it. We may not get that dynamo job we’ve always wanted. Little Suzie there in accounting who stays in her corner, eats her greens, whilst her mother cuts off the crust of her egg salad sandwiches for her lunch every morning—is in for a surprise.

As Suzie, cubiclized sits at her desk. Still worrying if anyone will ever discover that she’d gotten a B in Statistics in her last semester at BYU six years ago—will now get promoted from within. Funny enough, it was not even a thought of hers. But Jon thought he had it in the bag after the third interview. The company stated they wanted an outsider to be their new property accounting manager. Sean was retiring. And it had always been graduates out of the University of Michigan who got all the promotions too. As well, never a woman promoted in accounting until that fateful day.---Jody-Lynn Reicher


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Completion of Humanness As we arrive to the completion of the first year without Norman, I had decided long before he'd passed that I would continue to do things certain things he liked yet could no longer do. I decided I would not take a day off of fitness.  I would run at least for 500 days in a row. I began that in early 2020.  I'd not be concerned with the distance I'd run. It was the very thing I convinced Norman and the thing that mattered to him, from the very first discussion we had August 11th, 1981, was fitness. I loved that he was a College Boy. He loved that I was a Marine. We tickled each other's soul with such admirations. Later fitness continued as an old discussion from 1994 ...getting outside and to run no matter what. I would say to him, "Run 200 meters, then 400 meters. If it doesn't feel good, stop. Turn around and walk back home and know you did your best. That is all you can ask of yourself." I said this,  knowing he would get dow

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