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The Curse of Zero-Covid


The Curse of Zero-Covid

The world is a smaller place since my birth in 1962. There are now about eight billion people in the world. Sixty years ago, there were 3.6 billion people in the world. Something to consider when in our thoughts on medical practice and the science that goes before it.

Funny I am not a conspiracy theorist. Not even close. Call it na├»ve if you’d like. But I have other theories though.  Logical ones, things science cannot not express because they fear being shot down for a theory they themselves may be skeptical of.  Or fear that they won’t make the most of a situation that needs to be exposed. Remember scientists bleed just like we do.  They have the same capacity of all the emotions we have, most of us that is.

Scientists who want to give definitive answers and assurance go into medical practice; be it allopathic or  less traditional formats of practicing medicine to people on a regular basis. It truly is all the same. Either you take a synthetic medicine or the like, have surgery, receive an injection of vitamins, get needles stuck in you following pathways believed to help heal you, or you get your spine adjusted. It makes no difference. Currently that’s our medical field in general.

Now we come to the pandemic, which is larger. Larger perhaps then the population. Though it depends on how one measures a virus, a cell and so forth. Yeah. I know you’re sick of hearing about it. But it is in the back of your mind. I will admit, I am not fond of most flu vaccines and other vaccines that are just too new to know all the repercussions on our future. I believe in the tried and true. Although, that also had to start new somewhere and there were catastrophes before some of those vaccines and medicines came to prominence of good faith or were redirected.

I’ll name  a couple, Strep Exilir-Sulfanilamide by Watkins and Massengill in 1937 which was to treat Streptococcal infection and taken internally[1]. The elixir was proven to have injurious and fatal consequences. Sulfanilamide is now used topically for vaginal yeast infections caused by candida albincans.[2] Then even after the  polio vaccine was procured by Salk and his team and approved by the FDA in 1955; ten to thirty percent of the 1955-1963 polio vaccines were contaminated.[3]

There are vaccines that I will neither condemn nor praise publicly; for the jury is still out. I’ll state and I may be found wrong in twenty to one hundred years from now; that the vaccines that we’ve had for polio, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, Hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, tetanus, and there are others I think have great merit. They’ve helped the general population live more fruitfully. I’m certain some will argue that.  Well, go ahead and argue. However, you won’t get a response from me. I typically don’t argue.

However, the ones I’ll question are the ones that are hit or miss on effectiveness or cause harm. I’m aiming at the somewhat annual flu shots people are encouraged to get. They are ever changing. So much so, that there have been years where the flu shot was ten to twenty-one percent effective. The average of nineteen to sixty percent effectiveness was shown between 2009-2019.[4] Too the flu vaccine does begin to deteriorate sometimes within days.[5] I’ll also question the shingles vaccine at a later point.

Going back to the flu vaccine in lieu of the COVID-19 epidemic which has mutated. Herein lies the problem. People are unwilling to be honest with themselves as they are unwilling to take precautions here and there minimizing risks temporarily. For example: wearing a mask while food shopping. It’s not something that’s all that difficult to do or to remember to do for most of us. Washing our hands regularly. For us adults being aware of where we place our hands after we run errands. True we cannot go around sanitizing everything, neither our hands each time we touch something. Yet, being aware is half the battle. Being aware was what my mother taught me.

I remember the conversation my mom had with a doctor during one of my childhood annual checkups. After she was asked by our family  doctor how I was so healthy that I didn’t get sick between the ages of six till age eight, covering eighteen months. She said to the doctor, “You know what I do?” He queried, “What?” She replied, “When we go shopping during the high times of illness. And we arrive back home, I make the kids wash their hands and face. Rinse their mouths out with antiseptic and have them take a nap for at least thirty minutes.” He felt that was what contributed to our overall health. Even though I had stomach issues throughout my childhood. I remained physically active outside year-round in suburbia New Jersey. That also contributed to my health as well.

Now onto Wuhan and the Chinese government’s failure to protect its people. Last night watching the news I found out that Xi Jinping and the others in China’s leadership positions did not have mass vaccinations available neither given to the elderly, nor the vulnerable with any order from the beginning. Too, they devised their own vaccine from antiquated data, and never updated it.[6] They in a sense became isolationists, which now their people have suffered ever more losses. Loss of life, devaluing life was not something I ever thought of the Chinese people. Yet, it is their government that has the deaths of the Chinese people on their heads. The UK has now estimated that 5,000 people a day are dying in China to COVID-omicron.[7] The Chinese people rightfully rebelled to not have another lock-down enforced. China’s ‘Zero-Covid’ policy wasn’t going to work again.  True numbers of cases in China are no longer kept. No one knows the number of the ill and deaths in China from COVID as of late.

In the end, each government, each people either allows the greed from fear instilled in them to become regularly inoculated, so there is limited herd immunity. Where the pharmaceutical industries create riches for its investors and stockholders. Or we have a government seeing an opportunity to cleanse their country, spend less money, denying protection to its most vulnerable. The latter is the least acceptable.

There was the political agenda as to why the Chinese Congress instituted ‘Zero-Covid’ policy, which has backfired. It was to track people’s movements. Having more control over the people of China. Remember the more expanse the internet, the more people will question. The more they may be given a voice of their own; the more of a threat they are to denying imprisonment of their freewill by a communist regime. People do need boundaries. People do want boundaries to a degree. However, that is merely for safety. It is not to have freewill disregarded or taken away. The curse of ‘Zero-Covid’ is that we must all grapple with how we live our lives. Or perhaps die metaphorically or literally as a people. This pandemic and how we react to it may be a curse or a blessing.---Jody-Lynn Reicher









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