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Its Just the Way...

"That's just the way it is... some things will never change..." if you can recall the song, there's quite a bit of truth to those words.

It's not a complaint, it's a fact. I witness complaints about all sorts of things people may have control over. Their complaints are quite often frivolous because they are unwilling to do the work to help themselves for the things they can change.

However, the things you cannot and will not change are politics. No one person, no group can completely manage 300 million people, unless you take away their free-will. Which would be and is a sin against all humanity. 

As I've gotten upset over the racism, the election deniers and so forth. I realize what most others do not realize... There's just so much peace that can be acquiesced to all the people all the time in every facet of living. There will always be something that will get under our skin. The difference is when you're someone who has witnessed men controlling justice as they use you as a pawn to gain power. And use a criminal case to get a political edge to gain more power. 

When you witness the showmanship that is volleyed by a defense attorney who loves the limelight, then you begin to understand that the you that you know, does not exist. You are irrelevant. Even in the most crucial of cases. You are considered the linch pin, yet you are enslaved by believing there is a difference in right and wrong, good and evil. It is an illusion that the greedy for power and the ruthless want you to get distracted with. Worry, fear, then never having enough.

If you haven't been through a criminal trial as the victim, know that it will take you a lifetime to truly understand how irrelevant you are to politicians, never mind society.

So today as I got annoyed that my kitchen sink became clogged at 6:45 this morning, I nearly laughed at myself. I shook my head, "How ridiculous to be upset over a clogged sink." I stated outloud to myself. I realized it was bound to occur because i can control much but not all. Too, reasoning my present circumstances of having good food, providing well for our daughters, warmth, three pets, two bunnies that are so silky to pet. One would let me pet her for two hours if I didnt have work/chores. Having a colored television. Things I never envisioned as a child. 

Back then I was grateful to have bread, milk, peanut butter, warmth, a chess set, paper and pen. Yes, that was much of what I lived on. Having to deal with a mentally ill parent and too, an aloof alcoholic parent who was self-loathing. Yet, somehow I provided my own happiness, even dealing with years of few friends and quite a bit of bullying. 

Was I alone, lonely? Perhaps. But I didn't allow myself to get too distracted by those things. They were incidental. I decided since I couldn't control it, I would roll with whatever pick up football game, dodge ball game or kid walked down the street. Maybe I could say 'hi', and have a friend for some fleeting seconds. Longer if I were fortunate. 

Again, I recognized not to attempt to control anyone. I realized it wasn't reasonable and certainly was not free-will which was what humanity has always needed.---Jody-Lynn Reicher 


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