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Old Ignorance Dies Hard...

Old Ignorance Dies Hard...

I wondered if the Russian people were awake. It’s not that I thought they were ignorant—it’s that I could not wrap my mind around people not rebelling against the indiscriminate acts and long-overdue overhaul that they needed in their governance. I figured—maybe they had it better than I’d thought. I write corrected, however.

But now having seen authoritarianism in full-blown capacity—and in real time. Authoritarianism is the stifling of free-will in action and thought. Ergo, Russia’s Putin. Ergo, those that preach within these United States that we need to think and be only one way as individuals.

The only reason why any government would like to control thoughts among its citizens—it’s about distrust. Any religion, like any governance that demands control of minds is an insecure one. That thinking is godless indeed.

In speaking with a friend last night, I remarked. “Take no offense on what I’m about to say—but this whole DeSantis governance is against the Constitution. It’s not from a free-will and a learning ideology—It’s all about the white patriarchal society in being afraid of women and minorities having power. The white patriarchal tribe—fear that they are going to become dominated and then enslaved by the minorities. Right?”

He replied, “I have to agree.”

I will now elaborate on the similarities of Putin’s regime and that of the white patriarchal groups and politicians driving the hate machine in America. It is out of fear that white America is holding onto power so tightly. How they conspire and throw fear through their rhetoric—pushing people at a time when there has been more upheaval within our own society with the passing of a pandemic that now will remain as the ‘new flu’.

With all this, I will now say—that—Americans, you do not want an Authoritarian governance. Americans, you do not want your free-will of thoughts and personal actions taken away. However, the way some of you are acting—too your rhetoric shows me and the world your unwillingness to part from a white patriarchal rule. Some of you would like the old Gaelic ruling of royalty to tell you what to do. Which is mostly white and patriarchal and restrictive.

Some of you want your AR-15s to rule the  minorities and scare the women. Some of you want to reduce the female population of any power. It is clear you are misguided in your demands in the controlling of a woman’s uterus/body.

You who want to oppress anyone different from yourselves, will never have peace. What will be created is less advancement in sciences/medicine and the like. You’re hurting America. A hurt that will thrust America and its people into a dark abyss. The beacon America has been, could be gone—free-will be forever doused by your selfish antiquated ideologies. The only beneficiaries may be the rulers, the wealthy and a few others with power.

Those that fought for our country and died, will have died in vain. Most of the Americans alive today, have not served in the military. The total of who are currently serving is less than half of one percent. Of the living Americans already served—its seven percent of the population who have or are serving in the military currently.

Those that are destroying our democracy are mostly those who’ve never served in our military.  Playing on fear and ignorance—there are those selling conspiracies and feigning their religious beliefs. Then there are the spiteful, hateful, racist followers who just happen to be primarily white.

Anyway you slice it, its how evil quashes free-will. The very free-will that allows Americans to be gun owners. And eventually, their freedom to practice their very own religion, that they so wantingly push on others. Remember that.---Jody-Lynn Reicher


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