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Posibilities of Positives


Have a little Faith:

I was told I needed to have a tumor removed in early 2014, the doctors felt it was deadly. The tumor grew in between fights, as I had gone for my next pre-fight physical, CT Scan/MRI, along with neurological exam, eye exam, and blood work. A growth was found in my face wrapping around zygomatic arch and trigeminal nerve. It was measured the size of a quarter all the way around in my face. I did not let on to the doctor finding this, that my brother had died eight years before from a tumor covering and crushing the ventricles, and all surrounding areas of his heart, except about just under an inch of the apex of hus heart. Our children, I realized I might see them arrive at high school, but I would probably not see them graduate. My coach knew, I waited three days as I practiced on my coach before telling my husband that the plan was surgery on my face and who knew what else they wanted to do. I decided inside my mind, that I would risk death over traditional medical procedures. I would not have the surgery. Right after I told hubby, he was on board with my mind, and that was without me telling him how I would pray, get blessed and see Ken an acupuncturist we knew, instead of traditional/allopathic medical procedures. Hubby, to my surprise agreed with me and stated so. Now, I had to have faith, pray, be patient...I knew instinctively that I would be incapcitated (trigeminal nerve effects the plantaris muscle in the posterior mid to lower leg), and be dead faster if I went the route the doctor who found it, suggested. 

The Cure: A week later. A priest entered my office, and two days later a woman I knew full of faith. They prayed for me, and one did "a laying on of hands" with prayer with me. I had two acupuncture treatments. Ken said, "Jody, I think you'll be fine." I nodded, then prayed. The symptoms I'd had and thought it was hormones, the vertigo at home came in varying ways every 7-10 days and thought the pressure in my face was disrupted tissue from a fractured area. I never told anyone the symptoms I'd had. Three weeks passed, the doctor called upset. "Why haven't you..." She scolded me for not getting the tests to do to get ready for surgery...she continued and asked if I had any of the following symptoms. I replied, "I'm fine now." The doctor was perplexed. Stunned I can say. After that phone call I shredded the doctor's prescribed orders and said, "God, you want me, then take care of my husband and kids. I don't think you want me now." As I shredded the prescriptions into my office shredder and prayed. Three months soon passed, I'd had no more symptoms. And about 18 months later, getting ready for another fight, the scan of my face was completely clear, I have not had a symptom ever since.---Jody-Lynn Reicher 


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