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It May Have Worked...

It may have worked for me...

When I grew up, we didn't have enough money to buy bologna, much meats, or a tape cassette machine, and neither drank commercial soda. I played in the dirt, alright. And then I washed my dirty pants by age seven on a metal and wood scrub board, then hung them up outside. We didn't have a washer and dryer for the most part. And there was seldom a car for Mom. 

I wore my brother's clothing, my neighbor's girls hand-me downs. My mother made a bathing suit for me. She made other clothing once in a while as well. We shopped at Sears & Roebuck for school clothing. We had a good sized garden that helped us financially in the late spring till about early November.  

Starting at age seven I was not only setting the table every night before 6pm. As well, after dinner I was in charge of cleaning all the dishes,  scrubbing the sink and making certain the kitchen was in order. I had other chores as well. My brother was the prince.  My dad was the king. However, in a Great way,  today's circumstances can lend itself to more rights for girls. Equality is imperative.

I make certain my kids know to put their nose to the grindstone.  They saw both my husband and I work full-time.  We did NOT have a landscaper, NOT have a nanny, NOT have a house cleaner.

They also saw us exercise daily. They also saw me make them eat and drink greens 6-8 servings a day.  They still have seen me bake bread, make crackers, make pastries, shovel snow, make marmalade,  sauces, meals for others, salves. And they do love to work.

And I'll say this, we have NO SNOWBLOWER. WE RAKE OUR LEAVES, I USE A PUSH MOWER for our acre. We have NO MICROWAVE OVEN, WE GRIND OUR COFFEE. We DID NOT HAVE CABLE TV ever.  We EMPHASIZED READING, EXERCISE, MATH, CHESS, KNOWING YOUR RIGHTS. AND DAMN IT, BE GRATEFUL!!!! And we did NOT spank our kids.  Nobody is perfect. And because of all in my childhood,  am I tougher?

Yeah. But maybe the world doesn't need too many of us... People like me who grind, because they desire to and their personality lends itself to such. Because that would be an unhealthy balance in the world.

My husband was the innocent, understanding guy and I am the streetsmart, understanding gal. What works for me, truly isn't equally better or good for everyone else.--- Jody-Lynn Reicher 


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