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Without Change...


Without change... we become stale.
I know this.  As much as we humans do not usually crave change. Without it, we lack growth.  With it, there are increased stresssors. However,  without stress there is very little chance for improvement.  Evolution is needed. But without change there is no forward progression. Thus, no evolution. No true chance for betterment of humanity.
Yes, many people do not maintain consistency in their exercise.   Most decide to do a bucket list of sorts. Then they fall off a pattern of pushing to improve.  Why? Because,  true effort to feel a process towards one's potential seems painful. And at times may very well be very painful.
Recently, a scientist made a discovery about pain and respiration.  Yes, recently. As I listened to the interview tonight, I realized I'd figure  out early in life what he just announced. But the reason why this now became so significant, is that news was to be exposed to the masses.  Not for the people like me who know that pain is NOT what we've defined it as.
A little over seven years ago my husband and I debated the definition of pain.  Yes the man with about 13 years of additional education,  one degree covering psychology told me I was wrong about my theory on pain.
I told him, "If we could take the element of fear out from a possible painful experience our pain could be diminished by as much as 50%." He shook his head, " Not possible."  I replied, "I'm going to write this paper and prove it to you." So, I did.  I gave it to a surgical group who'd experienced me experiencing it. Pain. Minor and major surgeries with no anesthetics.  Then I gave the seven paged paper to a couple MDs who were acquainted with me through business. A Physical therapist  who has known me for over 20 years. A nurse, I could trust, and my internist. We had discussions. The P.T. was fascinated by this. An anesthesiologist said, "You can do that. But how are we going to convince the masses this can be done?" My internist had witnessed hours of heart surgery done with no anesthetics and instead the use of acupuncture.  He stated, "It can be done in many circumstances.  But, you understand it. And you have exceptional discipline."
In other words how do you get a patient to trust the surgeon and his staff. Have the patient remain calm and coherent enough to keep their own blood pressure and pulse steady, within a few points during a surgery of over an hour? It is total focus the patient must have, with feeling and as well be associating into the moment at the time before and during the surgery. Remaining mindful of every outside movement and their own non-movement, yet not moving.  Not adjusting anything but their view of pain during the surgical procedure. And to maintain their thoughts in keeping their pulse and blood pressure steady.
This all brings me to our current ongoing pandemic situation.  It is forcing some kind of a change.  Our world has changed.  And I believe that since we've ignored the earth and humanity screaming for change that most of us were able to ignore.  As we have been and some still are too self-involved, that now change and evolution has our attention.
Change is inevitable.  It's usually good for us. But if we resist it for too long, it will lessen our chance for more freedoms and for a better survival. A more humane world would do us good.---Jody-Lynn Reicher 


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