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I’m going to date myself here. Not like I don’t on a regular basis.  However, anyone remembering the song by Carly Simon, “Anticipation”?  Well… a few of you will.  The rest will perhaps Google out of curiosity. So, it goes.

Over this week and into January 1st, we all may be exposed to the media displaying what has transpired over the year of 2021, soon to be history. Some outlets will focus on the passing of celebrities and politicians. And or political events. Perhaps catastrophic events by none other than Mother Nature… Induced by some Man-not-so-kind actions and events, perhaps.

Yet, what will each individual take away from it all? Are our experiences null and void, because of lack of fame? Or perhaps, we’d like to escape from even acknowledging 2021 existed. Or will we think of 2021 as a strange sort of historical year? Only individuals themselves will know how they internalize the year of 2021. So, about eight billion souls will have eight billion different perceptions on the year of 2021 and what it represents to them.

I find reflection is a good way to process our moments, to make them better in some way. To right wrongs. To question our path and what direction we decide to sail in. To be like water. Bend not break. Yet not to float aimlessly either. To gain direction, to change direction. To re-route our thoughts and perhaps our perceptions of ideologies we once had. Or to renew the old ideologies we tossed away five years ago. Like we gave up or something. Maybe we gave up on humanity. Just a guess.

Giving up is not something terribly fruitful though.  Changing, yes. Like the song says, “Where to now St. Peter?” As I have been asking myself that question from a near fifty-year old song playing in my head this year practically every day. I know what I want. I’m hoping to get there. And it’s oh so personal. It is something I’ve felt all my life. Of where I wanted to be and how I wanted to feel.

It’s the anticipation. The waiting, as I attempt to stay in the moment for our children. Yet I lay in bed and daydream that I have what I don’t, yet I want it. And for those few minutes of peace in the morning. I stare at the ceiling, envisioning, and feeling my dream as if it were right around the corner. I know I may never get there. But I can dream with my eyes open.---Jody-Lynn Reicher


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