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A Depression of Sorts

 Here we are... remaining in a perpetual tongue-in-cheek "Groundhog Day" performance. Pray tell, where is Bill Murray when you need him? He is perhaps smartly at an undisclosed location, social distancing and or perhaps vaccinated and or masked.  Much will do.

Yes the world, I will now declare is going through the war of survival against a microscopic,  yet potentially deadly enemy.  And for those of you who are not a hermit, my condolences.

In the 1960s and into the 1970s, much of what I heard as a child, was about the Great Depression. It was about the rationing, my dad would reminisce about. He felt we were spoiled because we didn't have to ration. Yet, he was the big spender on beer, cigarettes and better food than his children. Oh yes. 

What he brought, is what we are experiencing today. As we have since the beginning of 2020. And what we would be experiencing during a Depression and or war time period. It is the uncertainty of what each day could bring. Yet, there is no one to blame in a pandemic. It is what it is. Just like the economy quite often, although not always. A pandemic is cyclical. Yes it is.

I had this discussion back in 2006 with a doctor or two. We knew what could be. And one knew we were due soon for a pandemic. It's nature's way of 'auto-correct'. I mentioned this nearly nine years ago in a subtle sort of way to someone I knew in passing. It did send a chill up their spine and mine as well. Yet, even if we have nightmares about events, they don't usually happen. Sometimes they do.

"I got that going for me." Happy Groundhog Day", till we change into a tad more peaceful bunch. Rolling with life's punches. Maybe the Depression of sorts the world has recently been entangled in, will evolve just a little better than it was a few years ago.----Jody-Lynn Reicher 


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