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Recently, when speaking with a friend, who has and is NOT in the same political vein as I. We discussed what areas our country would need in the future after this pandemic has dwindled. The topic of medicine was the discussion. Right now, there are areas of medicine that are becoming nearly obsolete due to the attention the pandemic has drawn; and the extra personnel needed from other areas of medicine. As well, as the excessive hours of involvement needed from many individuals in the medical fields.

Our first response to one another in that conversation, was that… at least one of our children needs to go into medicine on some level.  The future for our teenagers is distant for the needs that are required now, and within the next five years for the United States. 

The next five years, medicine, I will venture to say will be on the decline.  This would be due to burn out, early retirement, and the changing parameters of how we treat immediate illness, infections, and mental illnesses.  That, as opposed to treatments for long term illnesses, injuries, addictions (alcohol primarily), and chronic diseases (such as diabetes, COPD, and the like). Those aforementioned four areas have recently, and will take a back-burner seat in medicine over the next five years in this country.

So, what we are facing in the now, is a shortage of nurses, PA’s and doctors, due to the growing number of people infected with COVID-19.  That is what this pandemic has revealed. However, this is a historic set of circumstances for the world. Not just the United States. But we need to address this properly, NOW.  That being in the medical field, is like being in a war zone. And this was totally unexpected by the majority of people alive in the United State today. NO, these healthcare workers did NOT sign up for this historic event. As well, my friend and I agreed this is a war that our everyday medical staff has NOT signed up for. And we need lay-people to wrap their minds around that.

Those of you who don’t believe that the pandemic is real, you are doing a grave disservice to this country. YES, I WILL shame you and those like you, for such a dangerous attitude. NO, I won’t despise you. Only I will abhor and speak AGAINST your attitude. I will tell you to ‘grow up’. I will tell you that you are probably deathly afraid of something.  That your ‘something’ that you  are afraid of, has almost nothing to do with the pandemic. It has to do with the fear of your own inequities. I will tell you GET OVER YOUR INSECURITIES and DO THE RIGHT THING. Instead of bashing and denying the TRUTH that we ARE in a PANDEMIC and dire-straight situation as a nation because of it. Regardless of anything else, that, would be a truth.

A TRUTH WE all need to work together on, putting egos aside. Doing just that, is how we overcome the injustices that have been revealed and shouted out in this nation, brought to US by a pandemic situation.  If YOU think more chaos is needed, then you ARE THE PROBLEM. And no, you are not striving to better these United States.  And that, I DO ABHOR. GET IT FOLKS, TOGETHER.  #GIFTOGTHER #GIFT, #TOGETHERASONE  --- Jody-Lynn Reicher



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