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A Bar Too High

A Bar Too High
I honestly would make a terrible politician. For one, I am too honest. Number two, I’m a woman who’s overly aggressive. Right there, I’d be counted out. Just even more of a pickle, I stand in the middle on many issues.  All that leads me, is to when Senator Warren ended her contention for her run for POTUS earlier this year.
I didn’t like all of her ideas. I didn’t like her voice. Yet, I liked that she was contrite. I liked that she tried to be aggressive and call men out in the political arena for wrongs they may have committed in the past. And I liked that she is incredibly smart.
So there we were, down to an all-male run for POTUS in 2020.  What this brings me to, is the fact that men are not held to the high standard that women are.  In practically every aspect of life. And as well, nearly in every single business opportunity in a corporate setting. Affecting a woman owning and running her own business. The standard that women have had to have in order to even consider running for an office, is astronomical compared to a man. Quite frankly, I’m sick of that.
Name the area that women don’t ‘have to be perfect’ in order just to survive, or to be believed. We accept men having to keep a lower standard for themselves and other men.  They give other men leeway, where they would not otherwise be given to a woman. The old pitch, “Boys will be boys.” It is time to crush that ideology.
Oh, by the way. I am fully aware of these double standards between the genders. In being a woman as a business owner, a Marine, an athlete, a mother, as well as someone who worked in the corporate arena in my lifetime.
Why is it that women are held and crucified if they don’t remain at a higher, practically unrealistic standard than men? When is our society going to change and DEMAND more from men running a business, running for office, etc…? I think I know how to change it. There are a few ways.  I can think of two. One is all women need to start asserting themselves and not be embarrassed about being aggressive.  Two is women need to stand up and speak their mind and directly to the offenders. Don’t be afraid of them. Because if you are afraid to, they win. Generations of girls and women lose. 
When the offenders of women and women’s equal rights get away with it. It allows the sexists to become stronger. By the way, that is why there is a rape culture in certain social settings in this country.  Women are only to blame, when they don’t standup. I’ve stood up to many men, and I have been respected. And yes, I have been feared by some men. I know that is not an illusion. It’s my faith. It is my intention for girls and women to have enough faith that they are of just as much value as their male counterparts. We need to remind them, that men can do NOTHING without WOMEN.---Jody-Lynn Reicher


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