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It’s Sort of Funny…
    It’s sort of funny, death.  Well not exactly. But I can give it some credit.  That is giving death some credit. I’ve had people question me if I understood death, and or pain. I got to say, why would you question either if you thought you knew me.  There is much I don’t reveal, unless that is if you read my writings. Even so, there’s a lot people can hide.
    As I sat with a loved one, one day in an allopathic medical office. I watched and listened to a variety of medical personnel and their expertise. Some sat by glumly, as if they were the ones diseased or dying. Others went for the ‘Power Grab’. Admonishing someone’s health that had just gone awry out of nowhere. And others played the role of ultimate ruler. I’ll call that God. For they have to make certain all their underlings agree, even if they don’t. They have to.
    Among certain medical staff, I heard the doubts in their minds, that anyone could be or could have been so healthy. I heard that nutrition didn’t matter. I witnessed fake looks of concern, when knowing they work for a conglomerate. Making money, if they can sell the chemicals to their unwitting victim. Yeah, at this point, I’ve heard and seen it…well almost all. I won’t be pompous. I decry that.
    This all brings me to my original thought. Death, it’s sort of funny. Many of us squirm at the notion. We are uncomfortable at funerals, perhaps. Most people are afraid of death. Not because of it’s seemingly grand finale sound. It is because we lack faith. And I’m not talking about religion. I’m talking, good old fashioned faith. The knowing, not the belief. The knowing that there is an end and a beginning within the soul of the vessel called the human being. By the way, on some level, there is Hell to pay. I know that, innately.
    I discarded the notion that anyone of us has to be a particular religion. It’s a choice. We are born to something. Yet, most of us have enough gray matter to change that, at least in our thinking.  As well, from a very young age.  Many of us don’t, due to fear. Fear, oh yes that’s the same fear that says, ‘…you need heavy drugs to put you under for this surgery’. Or ‘…wouldn’t you like some pain medication just incase?’ Maybe.  But what if they forget to give it to you? I’ve seen that. I’ve had that.  Even when they’ve insisted they gave the person coming out of a procedure that it had been administered. As well I think if you have half a brain, and you witness someone having come out of a procedure in pain, you would check with others on who administered that, if it’s not in the chart. Oh yes, I’ve seen and heard medical personnel lie to CYA (cover their …ehhh hmmm. You know.). That does not surprise me. Why?  Because they’re human.  And even though I don’t lie, I have found most people do.  Even medical staff.
    So, here we are having fear of death. Which you can’t truly control. I’ve been in those places not just for others. Yet as well personally, close to death. I’ve witnessed the resiliency of our Divine structure getting better and overcoming what one could not predict.  Including medical staff that surrounded the patient. No medicine was to heal them. I’ve seen people healed of diseases and injuries that experts in the medical system did not predict to be healed. People expected to be dead in two months, one year, live for six or seven more years. People not able to walk again, walk. People not go back to work, go back to work, and be just as productive as they were before the injuries or illnesses.
    The one thing I have heard from people was about money. I have a secret to tell you, That’s not a Divine thought, Money. You can’t take it with you. Neither can you ease the pain or extend your life. I know when it is your time to leave. It’s just that. I’ve been in the places of leaving, with disease, crime, as well medical mishaps.  Not by choice. Well, except one, my body told me not to run past a certain point.  I knew there was danger up ahead, and I ignored my soul screaming at me. So, minutes later I was fighting for my life. My life here on earth became altered. Completely altered.  And I had to accept it.
    We ask ourselves many times, ‘Why did this happen to me?’ The answer on some of those is we didn’t allow our Divine cellular structure to rule in it’s infinite way. Like paying attention to a warning. That is when fear is a logical response. When you can prevent the path that may lead to death. As well, I will apply that to medicine. Most human beings make decisions out of fear. Especially, when it involves diseases.  The ones that bring death. Or the ones we are so casual about, many of us still opt to slam the disease with a high level of any one medication that is recommended via the doctor or an advertisement. Even if the doctor didn’t inform us about it, but we searched it online. We do this, because we are arrogant.  We think the world can’t live without us. Maybe it can’t. And if it can’t; then why would we not trust in a higher source, other than another human being called a doctor or anything of that nature? It’s mostly about fear, not faith. 
    Faith is not praying, although it can be. Faith is a feeling of comfort deep inside and out. Like an internal/external glove of protection, the feeling that all will be okay. And if it’s not, then we must embrace the inevitable, because maybe that’s okay too.  We just aren’t mature enough to feel it, to know it. Having Faith, takes practice.  Sometimes it means going to a building with others who we think, believe the same as we do.  But I ask, do they know as we might? Dollars to donuts, they don’t and neither may you. I’ve had to embrace the inevitable and then respond with no panic. It’s tough being human, even in my most knowing hours.
    Faith is knowing there may just be an unpleasant set of circumstances coming your way.  You do feel the panic and anxiety of fear.  You may not be able to put your finger on it. And that is when you that are in the knowing, decide to shift the fear into acknowledging that there is something greater than ourselves that embraces the world in all its successes and all its failures. And it just is. You can’t burn it.  You can’t fix it. You can’t kill it. You can’t quash it. It’s there because we are human, and we need that Divine entity for a greater cause, other than ourselves.---Jody-Lynn Reicher


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