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"Chicken Little...Does His Last Dance"

Chicken Little… Does His Last Dance
    I have said about certain people in my life, “…they think the sky is falling.  They are like Chicken Little.  They need to stop. The sky is not falling.” Correct, the sky is not falling. Their faith has, though. And that’s who Chicken Little has been in my mind. Today I will dive slightly into our mysterious and quite often misunderstood cellular structure. Cellular structure inside us and in our air.
    In our lives we have people warn us of things they didn’t do, due to fear.  The outcomes they think will happen, because perhaps it is their excuse as to why they didn’t do certain things with their time. Most of the time, the reason why they didn’t try to start a business, attempt to exercise daily for their health, didn’t change their diet was, fear.  Fears that we have, many are unfounded. 
    “…Unfounded Fear…” My husband started using this terminology in the beginning years of our relationship. I met Norm when he already had his college degrees in Botany and another in Psychology.  I met him after he decided to cease in pursuing his Master’s Degree in Psychology. Yet, he’d learned that people had unfounded fears. Quite often those fears for whatever reason, were not reasonable. He would point it out to me.
    Something I learned when I was age seven. Was, if you keep thinking that you will die of something or have something tragic happen to you, you can bring it to fruition. I know people who’ve done just that. As well, I’ve had people do that to and for other people.  Condemning them to a life of fear. Pissing on their Bliss. Only to bring about the tragedy that someone else foretold and the person they foretold it to, become the victim of it.  Do we cause other’s tragedy by what we say?  Great question. I’ll venture into the world of what one would call, or it may appear as the supernatural at another time.
    To some degree, what people say to us, does affect our cellular structure. I know that to be true.  As well, what we say to ourselves, our internal dialog matters. However, let’s go back outside of our bodies and to the realm of cellular structure outside of our own bodies. There are cells in every living thing. Including the air that we breath. Billions and Billions of cells are in our air.  Think about that. Pretty powerful, isn’t it?
    I’m not going to say every fear a mother has for her children is an unfounded fear. No. I won’t say that. What I’m pointing our here is regardless of how we feel, we need feelings of comfort. We need peace. How do we get there? We settle back into the fact that we can’t control many things in life.  Neither should we want to. I know that last sentence may sound scary. Yet, once we resolve this, we have to let it go. Knowing all we can do, is think positive thoughts, and perhaps pray.  And thank the Divine essence that we are not experiencing the fear we have for others.
    Now I’ll explain something. Something, quite a high percentage of people cannot relate to directly.  Yet, indirectly they can. The times I’ve stepped into a cage, a ring, a mat for a fight.  Even in training, there is an element of fear. Why? Because, your body knows it’s not natural to put your life on the line. It’s not natural to not blink when getting punched or hit in the face. Yet, I have strove for that outcome in my training and fighting. As well, I knew when the ability to do that, would wear off. So, I knew how often I had to get punched in the face, in order to remind myself not to blink.
    The magic is, not only practice. Yet, as well positive words, praying before every training session, even if it was not a sparring session. Also, I’d adjust and readjust my breathing pattern constantly.  I would adjust to pressures and pain with my breathing, remaining calm, no matter the damage I knew could or even had happened to me.  That takes much mental fortitude, practice. So, on worry/fear, I’ve learned daily since I can remember to breath. Reset my thinking. Ask for help from a Higher Source. It’s not easy. It’s practice. That is how Faith is developed. If Faith isn’t tested. Or we don’t recognize when our Faith is tested. Then we will never achieve peace.---Jody-Lynn Reicher


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