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"Choose Wisely"

Doubt...Choose Wisely
At times, the world is a mysteriously sad place. We suppose we are not allowed to have doubt, yet it is in our human nature. A nature in which has been shown in many religious and philosophical books previously written for humans, to exist.  Doubt exists, not because it’s wrong, but because it’s human.  Doubt exists because it helps us learn.  It keeps humanity interested.  It improves progress in learning, thinking and exploring.
Medical doctors and nurses have implied, and some have said in their speaking and in their charting paperwork on patients that is, it is looked down on to use the words, ‘only’ and ‘just’.  As well, it seems the phrase, ‘I don’t know.  That is troubling.  And it should be troubling to anyone, the last item that is.  That phrase.  Which is actually a splendid phrase.  Saying, ‘I don’t know’, it is a thought of bewilderment.  It is a delivery full of mystery. And why not? Why in medicine can we not be certain? There is no rule.  Life has few promises. Let alone certainty. Yet, there is always hope, because we are human carrying within us a spiritual entity.
In my life I have seen and heard that people consider doctors to be God. Many times, doctors do act as though they are God. Yet, is it because we put them there?  Because we are impatient? I’ll answer both those questions with an emphatic “YES”. So, who’s to blame? I’ll work into that answer.  Give it some time.
For some insane reason as human beings for the most part, we expect adults to have the answers. Like we should all of a sudden ‘know better’.  That’s arrogance.  It’s ego. And in no way is that a Divine thought. It’s an impatient thought and it stops progress. Perhaps, the very progress we want for humanity. We stymie with such thoughts on progress, when not admitting when we don’t know.  Let alone we harm, when we can’t admit when we are wrong. That thought lacks intelligence in a way of thinking for a communal group of highly educated people who are considered like God or even considered God itself.  Or even so are supposed to be considered healers of some sort. This ill cannot be cured. Let me say that another way.  The illness of arrogance cannot be cured. And I’ll add, if the masses are deceived and convinced to believe it.  Or that even so, the masses are so lazy that they will not ponder to wander outside of the box of the cult of allopathic/traditional medicine, then it is an atrocity against humanity. And the masses along with the medical community are responsible for committing suicide and the murder of humanity.
What I’ve been reminded by nurses in the allopathic/traditional medical field, “Do No Harm”. Yet, what about the chemicals and the psyche and the soul of the patient(s) they have treated?
What we witness when we walk into a doctor’s office, is what we must observe.  Better yet, take a walk into a treatment facility in oncology. Or be me, who has been willing to take some of the most ill and pained patients from doctors who prescribe me to treatment them.  Yes, I’m an outsider and an outlier. What I get to see many times is people giving up.  The slow progression of them giving into the cult of pills and surgery that could’ve been avoided accept when a high-end specialist says, “Eat whatever you want”. To an assumed dying patient. Or “Nutrition doesn’t matter”.  And they preach it right there. In front of God and everyone.
Now change your mind and then do a retake of the walk outside of the examining room into the waiting room of people who’ve not worked on proper dietary habits daily (all their lives, most will lie about it.  Trust me on that.) or exercised on a daily basis before they ended up in that waiting room looking disheveled from chemical treatments. I’ll venture to say, even the people sitting with those that are ill in the waiting room ninety-eight percent of them.  I’m kind.  I’ll give two percent possibility of someone not making the excuses to not drink enough water every day, not walk forty-five minutes continuously every day, seven days a week for exercise separate from their work. As well as they have not ingested five to seven servings of green vegetables a day for the last ten years (As it was announced on a radio station in 2004, that is what we should be doing.).  I’m certain of this. I’ve asked well-educated women about their green vegetable intake in my line of work.  They name corn, eggplant, those are starch.  One is a grain, and neither are a green vegetables.
Then I hear people say dumb things like, “…ate so well.  See it doesn’t matter.”  I heard that from a young nurse about someone as she was taking their blood. I wanted to ground and pound her, trust me. I said nothing, I gave her a slight glare of, ‘You stupid woman.  You know nothing. You haven’t listened to life.’ However, the quality should be the issue of living life, not the focus on disease. They’ve been programmed to say cold, insensitive, and not investigated things to the person who is ill. What this does.  This programming, convinces people to trust in greed, instead of God.
Instead of helping ourselves, we are told to look to into having someone else fix our health, ride our health, demand our health without us partaking in maintaining and/or improving our health on our own. That is congruent with the laziness that humans also have a propensity to have, besides arrogance.  Humans are convinced to throw away their Divine gift.  Their Divine given structure.  Their Divine Rights, allowing others to make all those decisions. It is harder to change your diet, be a little different. To drink the correct amount of water, to exercise every day, properly when no one is encouraging you that that is the way to a more quality life.  No one guarantees us a longer life, because we do everything properly, like a cookie cutter machine. That’s a fact. We are all individuals, that’s also a fact.  Life expectancy stats are a man-made idea.  They are not the truth. And if those stats are not the truth for our lives, then why are we believing in it?
There is LIVING and then there is EXISTING.  You Choose.  Choose wisely.


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