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Nearly Twenty Years… Have Passed

  Nearly Twenty Years… Have Passed I went down there twelve days later. To New York City that is. I’m not a city girl. In fact, I knew nothing about New York City, that just lay within forty minutes of my home in New Jersey.   Yet, my heart was ripping, I had been a Marine many years before. I’m used to helping people. That at the time up until earlier of 2021, was part of my business/job. So, I knew I could somehow help. I felt guilty that I was living, and people were dying. And we were suddenly at war, as my husband and I were ready to adopt our first child. I prayed to receive the call after trying to connect to volunteering at ground zero. The call came from a fellow therapist, out of the blue. I was game. I told my husband at the time, an inner-city high school math teacher in New Jersey that I needed to volunteer on the weekends at the World Trade Center sites. He understood. He knew how I felt. He thought I’d re-up. But I knew I was dedicated to him as well to have a fami
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Angels on Their Shoulders

Angels on Their Shoulders   This past Sunday I was on the phone in the early morning hours. My two daughters were still fast asleep, I was in the process of just waking up when a friend called me. I knew, I had to pick the phone up. We’d been playing phone tag for weeks on end. He in Florida, me in New Jersey. And when we get on the phone, it’s never for a few minutes, more like a few hours. No kidding. So, I knew to pick the phone up.   He always has words of wisdom.   The way I know this about the man, who has been not just a friend since 1998, yet also my ultra-running coach from 2001-2008, as well. The man who had me run fifty miles with him, twenty-five miles with him in the sand of the pine barrens of New Jersey on Saturdays and some Sunday mornings, early. We’d ran as much as fifty-seven miles together over an eight-hour period. We shared water bottles, food. I’d turn the other way or taxi down the road on foot when he needed to, ehhhh hmmmm.   And I worried when as he, my

No One knows Your Story…

  No One knows Your Story… As I scrambled to get the recall on my relatively new car fixed today. Crunched for time. My oldest getting ready for tomorrow’s prom evening, whilst she emailing for her orientation schedule for UCLA. At the same time as she finishes another school-day before the nail appointment and then off to work she goes. I resume the finishing of her father’s, my husband’s foot-stone. He died just over ten months ago.   I got my car recall done at the dealership, had the car cleaned, filled with gas for my daughter to use. My youngest after school left to train for throwing shot put at the state sectional meet coming up in two days. I realized by mid-July we will need new face clothes. At the same time, my youngest needs information from me as she is applying for a new job. I then realize as well, we will need a remote for two of our televisions. My youngest desperately needs at least three new pair of pants.   Worse yet, she is quite particular about the feel an

The Subway Series

    This comes from the Book of Norman… “The Subway Series” ---Jody-Lynn Reicher        I was always involved in sports. I still am, and also not just because of my job. Yet, at times it has been my way to wind down at the end of the day, week or from my own physical endeavors.   One thing I have done was watch Monday Night Football, Boxing matches, Wrestling matches and the like.   Anything with a set of skills, showing great strategy, strength and decisiveness, in real time.    However, my husband Norman, never really liked this.   Even though he played football in high school.   He would say to me, “I just can’t understand why anyone watches sports, let alone on television. I see it as a waste of time.”     So, at that point in our marriage, it was understood, he would let me yell at the television set during games and matches.   Then I would never talk to him about such things.   Besides, he couldn’t relate to them, anyway.   But when we got together with his old fraterni

Thieves and Liars

Thieves and Liars A lesson my oldest had learned and re-learned recently was that people even the most self-proclaimed religious people can lack faith in anything and everything. That no non-religion or religion is a declaration of one’s goodness. As well, most people omit or cover-up what they consider their ill-deeds from others. And most people lie. Something I could not fathom most people doing till I was about thirty-eight years old. She now knew at eighteen. It’s not that I didn’t know that. It was the percentage of people that did something I thought was probably one of the worst sins in the world, and that is lie. Mind you, I may not ever become a politician. As well, that most people will believe their lies and perfection is everyone else’s too. It is because they convince themselves that others have it easier, than them. Yet, the reason they are seeing it this way is because they are mentally lazy. They don’t deserve what you have. What you’ve worked for. Because if they


  Joy I've written pieces on having joy for others on my blog in the past.  Suffice it to say, feeling joy for someone else never gets old. There is enough of it to go around. Yet, at times it appears no one feels quite akin to going to that depth for others outside of their family, nor close friends.  And it seems many times, we are in witness of quite the converse direction of humans towards one another. No wonder why, there is so much illness in even the most well-to-do towns in our country.   Illnesses that effect the brain, the heart, the blood pressure and so forth. It is not joy in our souls for one another that causes such distress in our societies. It is pure and simple the hatred, jealousies, vindictiveness which causes worries, and all other forms of disharmony within the human vessel that it is thrown from and tossed at. Joel S. Goldsmith in his 1964 book, “A Parenthesis in Eternity”, speaks of this in the book’s introduction. Taken partially from his Christian Scie

The Robin Reminds Us...

  The Robin reminds us... In January of 2020, as I ran during seemingly mostly cloudy, damp winter days, birds seemed to chirp endlessly.  I'd never recalled hearing such levels of a variety if birds calling out in any state, especially the one I reside in, during the month of January. Let alone the winter months.  Back then, I took it as a sign. I didn't know why. I just did. It  did remind me of a friend I have.  She is practically old enough to have been my mature mother. She's in her 90s now. She, now retired from law enforcement.   It's been years since she worked  all sorts of assault cases. Brutal, bloody assault cases.  I know because the ones that haunted her, few she could not solve she told me about one evening two years ago. And they were probably the most heinous cases one could know. That evening as I sat on a heavy bag in my basement that night, she began. I listened to her tell me of the unsolved cases for ninety minutes. Her and I have had many co